Monday, October 6, 2014

all time favorites playlist

Happy Monday friends!

I don't have a lot for you today, but I hope you'll enjoy what I'm sharing. Maybe it's because I'm still a little emotional over the Ole Miss victory Saturday but I'm having a hard time stringing together more than a couple of quality sentences of content. I've attempted to write a few different posts for today, but luckily for you I didn't publish any of those. Hopefully I'll be able to come down from this Rebel high and put together a real post for y'all tomorrow. But in the meantime I'm sharing a little something that didn't require me to do any thinking.

It's no secret that I love putting together playlists. I usually create a new playlist each season with the different songs I'm currently loving. They'll usually feature mostly new songs I've been hearing on the radio, but also include some older things I've rediscovered. While it's certainly fun to mix it up and have different playlists with the latest fad songs sometimes you just want to listen to your tried and true favorites. That's what today's playlist features; each of these songs are ones that I've loved for a long time. These aren't just the ones I'll proclaim "OMG this is my jam!" and enjoy for a season before being forgotten. These are songs that I'll constantly return to, always in the mood for, and never get skipped in a playlist. This is my all time favorites playlist minus my all time favorite song, Let It Be, because Spotify is dumb and doesn't have it. 

What's on your all time favorites playlist?


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