Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Five

1. Go to this link and vote for my friend, Calvin! He's in the running for ultimate tailgater and it'd mean so so much to me if you'd vote for him. One thing we know at Ole Miss is how to throw a great tailgate, and his really are always topnotch. You have to like Gordos Cheese dip on facebook, but the contest is just this week so you can unlike it next week.

2. Speaking of Ole Miss, my beloved campus is playing host to College Game Day tomorrow! To say I'm a little upset I can't be there would be an understatement, so if I seem a little salty tomorrow that's why. This is the first time we've ever hosted so obviously it's a huge deal. We play Alabama and I'm praying for a win, or at least for a good fight. Hotty Toddy Go Rebs!

3. With October officially here I feel like the amount of pumpkin everything has only skyrocketed. I've loved pumpkin since I was little and my mom would let me help make her special pumpkin pie every Thanksgiving. I've seen so many yummy Pinterest recipes I'm dying to try out. I think first up on my list will be these super delicious looking pumpkin snickerdoodle muffins

4. I don't know how closely anyone else follows the news, but it seems like lately there just hasn't been anything good. Ebola in Dallas, a man beheading a former coworker in Oklahoma, and a man getting into the White House through an unlocked main door. When I read things like this I really worry about the future of our country.

5. Okay so I'm sure you've all heard the Beyonce version of XO, but did you know John Mayer did a version too? I'm just a little bit obsessed with this song, and by that I mean I've had it on repeat all week

XO by John Mayer on Grooveshark


  1. Tomorrow's game should be a good one! Roll Tide!!

  2. Pumpkin SNICKERDOODLE muffins? You'll have to let me know how those turn out.

  3. I'm heading to Oxford this afternoon! It's going to be crazy over there this weekend!


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