Wednesday, October 22, 2014

little things that drive me crazy

Today we're talking about pet peeves, something I could have sworn I've written about before but now can't find the original post to link to. I'm going to say I'm writing about them today because that's the topic for Blogtober, and that's totally true so go write down yours and share them too, but it's not the whole truth. Really I've just been feeling a little unhappy lately and thought maybe letting some of this negativity out would be helpful. So if you want to be my friend and help me feel better buy me a margarita or tell me I'm pretty, but please don't be guilty of any of these things.

Helene in Between Blogtober

1. when people make a winky smiley face ;) when they really just need a normal smiley face :)  The winky one should only be used when you're flirting, not when you're texting your employee or asking your friend if she wants to grab lunch


2. being called Hilly. I mean it's cute when a guy does it as a nickname, but when people substitute it for my real name I literally want to punch them in the face

3. typos in professionally written pieces (books, magazines, newspaper articles, brochures, etc...) Like hello, WHERE IS YOUR EDITOR? Whenever I see one all I can think is about how many points would be deducted from the grade had this been a piece I turned into a journalism class.

4. bad drivers. If you don't know how to merge, stay off major highways at peak times

5. when people don't remember things you've repeatedly told them, forgetting once or twice is okay but you shouldn't need to hear something simple for a third time. With the exception of maybe 3 weeks, I've worked the same schedule since starting my job back in December, yet people still ask me about it. "Do you have to work tonight?" yes, I work EVERY Friday night. "Oh you switched to day shift?" no, I work during the day EVERY Saturday and Sunday.


  1. I'm pretty sure everyone in Texas fits description #4.

  2. Ugh I HATE bad drivers! They cause traffic jams most of the time, even without a wreck! Just people constantly switching lanes and hitting their brakes. SO annoying!

  3. YES typos in professional pieces really bother me; especially at work. SPELL CHECK PLEASE. AUGH. lol

  4. totally agree with #3. I get so tempted to highlight the error and bookmark the page and send it back to the editor saying "ha, got ya!" But that is rude so I probably shouldn't.

  5. One of my coworkers asks me stupid questions all the time about random shit and it drives me insane. And yes, for the love of God, please use spell check people! ahah


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