Tuesday, October 14, 2014

some things just don't matter

My brother had a car accident yesterday. We got pummeled with bad weather across the state all day, rain, strong winds, and even hail in some places. He was driving home from school for his Medical School interview this morning when a tree fell on the highway right in front of him. He couldn't stop in time and went over the tree ending up on the side of road. He's okay; his car not so much. He couldn't get it started again and had to call Highway Patrol and a tow company and my dad to drive the almost 3 hours to come pick him up. When you factor in the added stress of having to cancel/reschedule his interview I'm pretty sure his ranks up there as one of the worst Mondays ever. Even with how bad it was honestly he's lucky it wasn't worse. What if he'd been going just a little faster and the tree had fallen on his car? Or what if there had been other cars on the road making it a multiple car accident.

My brother is my best friend and I honestly don't know what I would do if something seriously bad had happened to him. This made me realize that it could always be worse and that certain things just really don't matter. When put into perspective, all my other concerns are so small.

So what if I've made negative progress on my weight loss goals since the beginning of summer. So what if I hate my job more than I thought was ever possible. So what if the boy I'm really into and thought was really into me hasn't communicated with me in over a week. So what if that super cleaver blog post only got 3 comments or that adorable Instagram picture only got 12 likes. So what if nobody has text/snapchatted me back.    

My daily concerns are so frivolous when I put them down in words. These things I worry and obsess over are honestly a little embarrassing. My life when compared to that of so many others is a fairy tale.

My brother could have died yesterday. There is a woman in Dallas with a deadly disease that she contracted when doing her job. There are thousands of children who go to bed hungry each night in this country. There are people who live in fear of being killed for their beliefs. There are so many people who have serious problems about which to worry, and my biggest concern is if my hair will curl right today. Seriously, how embarrassing can I be. It has never been more clear that some things just don't matter.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your brother! I'm glad he's OK. I had a bad Monday yesterday too. Of course a car accident is much worse than my day was but sometimes we just have a lot of things that pile up. It's great that you take the time to count the blessings you have. It makes all the difference in your perspective. I hope you have a better day today and I love reading your blog :)

  2. I'm glad your brother is okay & that the accident wasn't worse!

  3. So glad your brother is ok! I know exactly what you mean about things like that putting life into perspective. We ALL get immersed in our everyday lives and it's very easy to let the little things consume us, so don't be too hard on yourself! But it's great that you know what really matters too! :)

  4. Thank goodness your brother is okay! That is sooo scary! You're right, we all focus on things that really don't matter. We have to keep it in perspective :)


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