Thursday, November 20, 2014

9 reasons to not write a post today

Sometimes life happens and you don't get a post up, clearly that's what happened this week. I mentioned before that I had an extra long weekend and took advantage of my time off by making a trip up to Oxford to see some of my favorites. I had intended to come home Tuesday evening and write a post for Wednesday, but I ended up leaving Oxford later than I planned (because nobody says no to one last lunch date) and was entirely too exhausted by the time I got home. Since this blog isn't my job I decided it simply wasn't the end of the world if I chose sleep over writing a post. Whenever one of my favorite bloggers doesn't post I always wonder what they're doing that kept them from posting that day; I usually assume they're off doing something fabulous and fun. Does anyone else ever do that too? So the next time I don't get a post up during the week you can just pretend it's because I'm too busy with one of these reasons

  1. OPI called and wanted me to name a new line of nail polishes 
  2. I won the lottery
  3. Prince Harry finally showed up to whisk me off my feet 
  4. Exploring my travel bucket list
  5. Buying everything on my wish list 
  6. Moving to a new city 
  7. I bought a puppy who needs lots of puppy snuggles 
  8. Learning a new language 
  9. Becoming Instagram famous 

In reality I'm usually just not feeling inspired or I got caught up watching endless hours of HGTV or I simply forgot to hit publish. But I sure do wish I could blame my lack of a post on one of these things.


I think of every blog post as a conversation. I hope you'll join in and leave a comment so I'm not just talking to myself.