Monday, November 3, 2014

November Goals

Hey guys! Long time, no blog

Last week just kinda got away from me; before I knew it I was waking up on Friday morning. I decided to take a last minute trip up to Oxford for 25 hours (no, that is not a typo, I really spent 11 hours in a car to only stay 25 hours) on Monday and then felt like I was playing catch up all week on sleep and other little things. But I've got my head on straight today and wanted to share my November Goals before we got too deep into the month.

As a little refresher, last month my goal was to get stuff done as it came up. I was getting really bad about putting off little things until the point that I had 55 little things I needed to do. Having just one goal like that makes it kinda hard to evaluate my success, but I'm going to give myself 2.5 out of 5. I certainly wasn't perfect, and I know I could have done better. But I did knock out a few of the things I'd been putting off the longest so that was great. I'll be adding $25 bringing my total to $545.

So what are my goals this month?
1. remember to be happy and thankful about the little things. November is the month of thanks so obviously this had to included
2. eat smarter. I don't really want to "diet" because with Thanksgiving this month I know that just isn't possible for me. One thing I've found that works best for me is to let myself indulge in foods I want to kill the craving instead of letting it build up. If I want a cheeseburger and fries I need to just go ahead and eat it because if not I'll probably consume as many calories in "healthy" foods trying to kill the craving.
3. blog. I've seen tremendous growth in this little blog of mine over the past few months and I'm hoping to keep it up. This is really becoming a space I'm proud to call mine, and I'm thinking more and more lately about sharing it with people in my life.
4. figure out Christmas gifts. I'm in the awkward stage of life where I work full time, but don't make a ton of money; I'm an adult but not really. Do I buy my parents Christmas gifts? What about my siblings? What about coworkers? I want to make a list and budget for who/what I'm buying this holiday season.
5. do a secret something 10 times. I'm not ready to put it down in words and I've only told maybe 5 people that this is happening, but it's probably my most important goal for the month. As a hint it's something my blog focused on a lot at the beginning and something I had success with last November.

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  1. Getting xmas presents ready is on my to-do list too, can't wait to hear about your secret something!!

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