Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Recap

It's absolutely crazy to me that today is the last day of 2014. I know they always say that the older you get the faster life seems to pass by, but I had no idea it would begin accelerating this quickly. I feel like the only one, but honestly I'm glad to see this year go. 2014 just wasn't that good to me. It involved a lot of unhappiness, and just a general feeling of wanting something/someone/somewhere else. It's kinda hard to put my finger on what exactly my problem was this year, but something was just off. I hadn't felt this miserable in years and part of that may have been because I was coming off of the best years of my life.

If you've been following along all year you'll know I did pretty well with my monthly goals. I'll end the year with $385 in my me jar to spend on anything I want without feeling guilty or frivolous. This was  a great way of keeping myself accountable all year and really feeling like I was doing something with my life. I'll be doing the same thing in 2015. I still haven't really figured out what I want to buy, but I'm playing with the idea of buying stock. Anybody with any experience/advice in this department I'd love to hear what you have to say. Another option I'm considering is to put it into the bank to save and put towards the new laptop I'm sure I'm going to need to buy in 2015. I just can't imagine my 2008 macbook lasting a whole year and the apple price tag is going to be a hard one to swallow, but this extra almost $400 makes it more reasonable.

The same success can't be said for my year long resolutions. Of the 4 things I wanted to accomplish this year I actually didn't accomplish a single one. Can you say major failure? For 2015 I've decided to go in a different direction with these year long goals. Instead of specific things I'm going in a more general direction and only giving myself 3: add $5000 to my savings account, be healthier, be happier. How I accomplish these larger goals will probably differ from month to month allowing me the freedom to try different ways of making these work. My individual monthly goals will include at least one way to work on accomplishing one of these.

I had good success with my word of the year, breathe. It was directly responsible for my low levels of stress throughout the year. I think had it not been for this word I would have experienced even more unhappiness this year. When I first chose it last January I mentioned about how basic and non flashy of a word it was; and that's exactly what this past year has called for. 2014 really has been about just treading water and keeping my head above the surface so I can breathe. It might not have been pretty, but I made it to the end and sometimes that's what life is all about.

Wish me luck. I'm headed back to work tonight after 5 days off, as if having to work NYE night wasn't bad enough already. I did get lucky and get off before midnight so I'll miss the drunks trying to find a midnight kiss. And maybe if I'm really lucky I'll snag a bowl of the snow crab and brie mac&cheese we're serving at the invitation only dinner.

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