Thursday, December 4, 2014

December Goals

Okay so November wasn't the best month for me goals wise, and by that I mean I only completed one goal. And saying I totally completed it is being a little generous. I was thankful for the little things, but I wasn't so thankful for the big things. I didn't think I'd have to make it a goal to be thankful for the bigger things. So long story short, I'll only be adding $10 to my Me Jar this month bringing my total to $555.

This has nothing to do with my goals, but it's my favorite Christmas movie and this post needed a photo

For December goals I've decided to do something a little different. This month my goals are all the goals I didn't complete over the year. If you've been following along, you know this means there will be way more than 5 goals. Anything I didn't complete and get to add money into my Me Jar for is on the table, but I've decided to highlight a couple that I really want to put energy into from now until the end of the year. These are ones that I've chosen based on their ability to start my 2015 off right - side note how strange is it that we're already talking about 2015!? -

1. Keep a clean room all month / clean out my closet to donate
2. Read a book
3. Connect with other bloggers
4. Do a Secret Thing 10 times 


  1. HOW IS 2015 ALMOST HERE THOUGH. Really. This year flew by. But I'm glad it's over, haha.

  2. The fact that we'll be in 2015 in a month blows my mind!! As far as number 4 I would love love love to either do a collab with you or maybe have you on my blog to do a guest post :) Just shoot me a message if you are interested! Hope your weekend is going well so far!

    Pick Your Beau


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