Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Links

Happy Friday! Can you believe how close to Christmas we are!? I'm hoping to have all my Christmas shopping done by Monday and then spend the day wrapping and watching some of my favorite Christmas movies. One gift having a little trouble with though is for a friend moving to Colorado. I want to get him a winter beanie to wear skiing, but I know nothing about cold weather so don't know what brands are good. Anyone have a suggestion?

If you don't think this is the best part of this movie, you're wrong 

I feel like I read so many gems of articles this week; I guess with the end of the year coming up everyone is trying to get a few extra hits to finish strong. Here are my top 5

1. The most important fictional characters of 2014 - I personally found this more interesting than the article on the Ebola fighters. In many ways pop culture fictional people and places make a bigger impact than real life events.
2. The hardest places in America to live - This was an interesting read, that really reenforces how blessed I am this holiday. Also I was surprised to not see a Mississippi town listed in the #1 spot
3. Most important street address in 2014 - This is probably the most creative way I've seen a "top news stories of the year" article written. When I first saw the title I didn't think I'd be able to match any of the addresses with the stories, but I was surprised that I actually got them all.
4. Worst professor ever - I have two thoughts on this story 1.) I really hope this was just a PR stunt this professor pulled to help out his favorite takeout place. and 2.) Can you imagine being in this guy's class? I really hope someone gives him a dose of his own medicine and when he messes up a grade, they threaten to sue
5. 40 commonly misused words and how to use them correctly - Hi, I am a college graduate and I still sometimes don't have perfect grammar without having to think about it first. This is a great little cheat sheet to bookmark for future use

Read anything great this week you want to share?

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