Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Warby Parker's Concentric Collection

Did you know today Warby Parker is launching their new collection, the Concentric Collection? Well now you do!

For those of us you not up-to-date on our your 7th grade vocabulary words I'll remind us you that concentric basically means a circular shape outlined with another circular shape. Okay, I know what you're thinking, why would anyone want circular glasses? But these aren't your normal Harry Potter round glasses, these have an almost boxy shape to them that gives off a modern yet classic vibe. A special technology allows for the subtle color difference around the lenses. The collection is made up of three new frames: Benchly, Everly, and Murphy.

oh look I suddenly grew my hair back out and got my brows done! LOL JK that's not me

In addition to the three new styles of frames, the Concentric Collection also introduces a new color. Whistler Gray, not to be confused with Wolf Gray like I keep wanting to call it, is a fun new neutral. I'll never understand how people can do a bright colored frame for everyday wear; in my opinion neutrals are simply the superior choice. I've seen black, brown, and tortoise, but I've never seen gray before now. These would be a great way to help lighten your face especially during the winter when everything is so dark and drab. These also would be a great thing to find waiting for me under the tree Christmas morning (hint hint).

The Concentric Collection is available starting today in stores and online. This new collection will turn being called Four Eyes into your newest favorite compliment. Have perfect 20/20 vision? They also make sunglasses!

this model is as much my boyfriend as any other male on this planet 

Now I want to be very transparent and say that I do not own a pair of glasses from Warby Parker, so if you buy these and hate them I'm sorry. I know a few people who've ordered them and are in L O VE with the pair they settled on, but I'm too big of a Nervous Nelly to order them. Plus my mom offered to go shopping with me/ pay for my last pair of glasses, so I quickly jumped on that offer before she could have the good sense to change her mind. But if you're brave/a person who doesn't get anxiety over silly things I think Warby Parker is a great thing! Most of their styles are just $95, this collection however is not, and include your prescription lenses. They let you select a few frames at a time to try on at home until you find the pair that gives you that desired secretly hot nerd look you want instead of feeling like tragic Harry Potter the early years. And probably my favorite feature is that when you buy a pair, they donate a pair to someone else. As someone who literally would die without my glasses I fully appreciate what a big deal this is for the person who's benefiting. It's actually pretty cool how they do it, and I suggest you watch the video explaining their process when you have time.


  1. These are so cute, I love the gray ones!

  2. I definitely forgot my seventh grade vocab - but I love the shape of these! I've had the same pair of glasses since 8th grade so I am definitely thinking it's time for a new pair

    Pick Your Beau

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