Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Bachelor Recap

In typical 20something, hopeless romantic, girl fashion I watched the new season opener of The Bachelor last night. The episode was a little bit too long, but that was fine because it meant more bonding time with my sister. I think it'll be interesting to see how they portray Prince Farming this season, I feel like ABC needs him to be the total opposite of the last disaster of a Bachelor, Juan Pablo.  After 3 long hours, the most awkward cocktail party, and a few WTF rose choices, he finally narrowed his 30 women down to 22. I think his final rose is going to go to the woman that he can most see fitting into his Iowa farm life. That means she has to either have a profession that will easily translate into a tiny town or be open to the idea of being a homemaker, which we all know will eventually turn into a mommy blogger.

Girls I like
Kelsey - I was iffy about her widow story line when first introduced to us and I think it'll be interesting to see how she tells him about it. But she seems normal and I feel like they'll have a real connection
Megan - He immediately complimented her blue eyes, something he didn't do for anyone else. I don't see her making it all the way, but I think she'll stick around as eye candy for a while

Becca - I can't remember why, but I like her. I marked her name in my notes, yes I took notes while I watched #embarrassing, and just wrote good early connection. 
Allisa - I didn't like her first little video thing, but her first impression out of the limo was adorable. If she were a little bit older I think she might be my front runner to go home with the final rose. 

Carly- I think she could be a serious dark horse contender. She seems like that sweet, all American, girl next door that would marry a farmer.
Tracy - The letter from her student saying to pick her so she wouldn't be a lonely cat lady, OMG I died too cute.

Girls I can't wait to see leave
Britt - Seriously this girl made me sooo uncomfortable. I've nicknamed her the intense hugger
Tara - I'm not one to penalize someone for having one too many drinks, because been there done that, but there was just too much wrong with this girl. I get the feeling that she mistakenly thought she was applying to be on The Real World and ended up here instead
Mackenzie - I'm sorry but you're like 12, next! 
Ashley S - She started off so great and then quickly jumped off the deep end. I don't know if she was seriously drunk, high, or just plain crazy but she has got to go
Kaitlyn - absolute least favorite girl of the bunch. The awkward sexual jokes were just too much

Other girls
Whitney - she seems borderline desperate and needy but I also feel like they'll be compatible
Ashley I
Nikki - She screams next Bachelorette to me instead of farmer's wife
Jordan - I'm predicting she turns into the biggest party girl of the group

Who did you like, who did you hate? Any predictions on a final rose winner?

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