Wednesday, January 14, 2015

ISO: a Valentine

Ladies, Valentine's day is one month away. I just thought I'd give you that little reminder incase you somehow missed all the candy displays and gift guides floating around out there. I'm really not bitter about being single on Valentine's Day, but I am a little bitter that I'm no longer in elementary school and get to buy valentines to pass out to all my friends. Valentine's Day back then was the absolute best, your biggest stress was if you should get the Lisa Frank or the Disney Princess valentines. Now we have to stress out over if we're at the point in the relationship with whatever boy we're currently talking to where it's awkward to even send a "Happy Valentine's Day" text. And if you do send him that text do you include an emoji? Which one, the kissy face cat, the lips, the red heart?

This will be the 23rd February 14th that I spend without a date, but who's counting. Some people would take this to mean that I'm unlovable, but really I just know it's because I'm picky. I'm determined to remain Valentineless until I find a guy who fits this description:

Someone who'll help me with the science and obscure art and sports Trivia Crack questions

Someone who won't judge when my restaurant of choice is always mexican

Someone who'll give me his Netfix password and never question how many hours I watch

Someone who shares my idea of a perfect date: feed me and tell me you like my shoes

Someone who understands that fountain Diet Coke is way better than can or bottled

Someone who doesn't talk while watching my shows but doesn't get mad when I talk during his

If you know a guy who fits this description please feel free to send him my way

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