Monday, January 5, 2015

January Goals

Last year's system of having monthly goals worked really well for me, so I've decided to continue that trend into 2015. Each goal I accomplish means $10 into my "Me Jar" to be spent however I want at the end of the year. PS I'm still not 100% decided on what to do with my money from last year. Any suggestions?

But I am tweaking my system a little this year. I'm not requiring myself to have 5 goals each month. Honestly sometimes it was a stretch to find 5 goals for a month and I'd end up picking dumb things. Other times I had more than 5 things I wanted to accomplish that month. And other times a goal was so big it really needed to be the only thing I focused on that month. So like I said last week, I'm all about flexibility this year.

Here are the 3 things I'm working towards this month.

1. Drink more water - ideally I'd like to drink half a gallon a day, but I'd also like to not have to go to the bathroom 15 million times. I genuinely really like water so this won't be that difficult for me; I just have to remember to keep my tumbler filled and around me. Staying better hydrated will hopefully make me feel healthier and more refreshed and keep me from mindless eating of junk.
2. Better skin care - I am literally the worst when it comes to taking care of my skin. God blessed me with good skin that stayed breakout free throughout my teenage years. But I think I've finally reached me limit and my complexion is finally rebelling. I think it's a combination of wearing makeup WAY more than I did when I wasn't working, all the smoke at work, and my pretty steady diet of chocolate since Thanksgiving, but I've never been so broken out in my life. Hopefully drinking more water will help, but I also want to be more diligent in washing my face. I'm going to take off my makeup and wash my face each night before bed.
3. Better posture - I'm stealing this one from Amanda of Strawberry Chic. Thanks to years of ballet when I was little I use to have the best posture, but sadly I've lost it. I walk around all day at my job and  when I first started people constantly asked me if I had done pageants before because my posture was so good. This drawing of attention to myself make me super uncomfortable and I started slouching. I really need to get that "don't look at me" attitude out of my head, because bad posture now will only lead to back problems as I age.

What are your January goals?


  1. Water is a huge one for me! And posture is a great one! I used to dance too and always had great posture because of it, but sitting at a desk all day I know I slouch more now.

  2. I love your idea of breaking goals down monthly. It makes them a lot more manageable! I just started trying to drink more water in January too! It's a lot harder than I expected!


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