Friday, January 30, 2015

Super Bowl Drinking Game

Okay ladies, the biggest day in sports in right around the corner. Okay well it might not be the biggest day, but it is a pretty big deal. Wether you love the NFL or not, the Super Bowl is a huge event. Personally I'm not a big professional sports fan so I really just watch for the half time show and commercials and that's totally fine. I really have zero interest in watching this year because I don't care for either team, can they both lose?, so I really need something fun to help me get through the night. Enter the Super Bowl drinking game. This game is great for a watch party or for just watching at home alone. Just please remember to drink responsibly!

Take 1 sip for each
Mention of "Deflategate"
"I'm only here so I don't get fined" joke
Beer commercial
Commercial featuring a cute animal
Commercial featuring a girl in a bikini
Time the quarterback gets sacked
Time the ball is intercepted

Chug for each
Time either team leads by 20 or more points
Time a team "goes for two"
Fan shown wearing excessive face/body paint
Time Gisele is shown in the stands
Mention of last year's Richard Sherman's rant
Mention of Katy Perry's College Game Day appearance

Finish your drink if
A kickoff is ran back for a touchdown
Someone streaks across the field
A political commercial airs
The electricity goes out
Someone says they're going to Disney World

1 comment:

  1. Love this! I also don't care who wins, but the boyfriend is watching so I'm watching..Quality Time.
    He just got his wisdom teeth out so he won't be drinking, but I will save this for another equally boring sports game!


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