Monday, January 26, 2015

the work playlist

Most people probably have some sort of background music playing at their work. My office is no exception. For the most part the music they play at my office is pretty decent. There have been the occasional times when I've heard a Taylor Swift song every 45 minutes or the day they played Let's Get It On not once, but twice. But for the most part I enjoy most the songs that play. The biggest complaint is the songs are so random; it'll go from Backstreet Boys straight into Elvis. The other day I wrote down every song that played for an hour and today I'm sharing that playlist with you

See, good songs, just totally random. Any idea what station it could have been on this day?
What type of music do they play at your office?


  1. They don't play anything in my office and I am up at the front desk by myself for most of the day, so I really wish they had something going! It's SO SO quiet!

  2. Spice Girls! Oh my gosh. I actually had this same song stuck in my head the other day--problem was, I couldn't remember all of the lyrics. Maybe this song will perk me up this morning...

  3. That is super random! We have a set playlist at work that changes about every six weeks or so - It includes a few Taylor Swift songs though, so I'm definitely not complaining!

    Pick Your Beau

  4. That is the most random work mix! We have a few different stations and it depends who was in the office first that morning on what it is - we each have our own signature station we like most. I wish some of ours were as varied as this.


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