Monday, February 2, 2015


Last Friday I celebrated my half birthday and didn't receive a single gift. At first I thought how rude of nobody to gift me anything to celebrate my turning 23 and a half, but then I realized how rude of me to not tell anybody what they should get me. Half birthdays are tricky because obviously they should be celebrated but you don't want to go so overboard that people start calling you a diva. There is a fine line that needs to be walked. Just call yourself the Man in Black (yes that is a Johnny Cash reference) and pick up one of these items

Okay in all seriousness I don't really expect gifts on my half birthday. Although it was a day we celebrated with half a cake and half a wrapped locker in middle school. As the only friend with a summer birthday they never wanted me to feel left out of our little school celebrations. But let's be real, we probably all did something lately that deserves celebrating, even if it was just making it to work on time for an entire month or not having a total emotional breakdown when you realized you only have 18 more months until you turn 25.


  1. I dunno if I love that ring or that bag more! Gorgeous!! Happy Half Birthday

  2. Kendra Scott everything please - happy half birthday Hill!

    Pick Your Beau

  3. I just turned 25... it's not so bad once you get over the initial shock that you're that close to 30. ;)
    I do quite love that lipstick color and the necklace is gorgeous.

    xo Always, Abby


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