Wednesday, February 18, 2015

40 days of prayer

Today is Ash Wednesday, the official start to the Lenten season. I thought I'd share what I'm doing for Lent this year. I really wasn't going to post about this, and in fact wrote a completely different blog post for today, because I really feel like religion is private. But I changed my mind because I thought it might help inspire someone looking to do a similar thing this season, and if nothing else it'll help me stay accountable.

Traditionally people give up something for Lent, but I'll never forget when my 4th grade teacher told us that Jesus didn't really care if we gave up the cafeteria ice cream or watching Mary Kate and Ashley movies. So as much of a sacrifice as it'd be to give up my beloved Dunkin or boys because there are so many who want to be in my life that really doesn't do anything for my relationship with Christ. I usually try to do something instead, one year every time I complained I had to say a prayer of thanksgiving for a blessing in my life and another year I prayed for Britney Spears all season. The whole point is to do something to bring me closer to the Lord. Last year I did an online Daily Devotional and really felt like it helped me, so this year I wanted to try something similar.

I'll be spending at least an hour each day in prayer for a different petition. That means comes Easter I'll have spent 40 hours praying about 40 different things. I've made out a list of topics, each of my family members, my future husband, world peace, old friends, etc. , and each day I'll pick one. I still have a few spots so if you have a special prayer request send it my way and I'd love to include it! I fully believe in the power of prayer, and I know God listens even when he does not provide an immediate response. I may not have my bikini body by the end of this like everyone giving up chocolate or Diet Coke, but I will hopefully have a stronger relationship with God. And at the end of the day, that's what really matters in life.


  1. that is awesome! I hope that is something that is amazing for you, year after year!

  2. I so admire your strength in your faith Hill - and I can't wait to hear how this season goes for you!

    Pick Your Beau

  3. Wow, a whole hour! Good for you-- I'll be interested to follow your faith journey throughout Lent. Best of luck!


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