Friday, February 13, 2015

5 Romantic Movies to watch on Valentine's Day

The Notebook is not the most romantic movie of all time. Okay I already feel better just saying that. I mean it's an okay movie and I'll cry 4 out of 5 times watching it, but it just isn't as great as so many people make it out to be. If you're planning on forgoing a fancy night out and instead spending this Valentine's Day at home chances are you're going to be watching a movie with wine and popcorn or ice cream straight out of the container, depending on who you're watching with. Instead of watching Allie and Noah fall in love again, try one of these other romantic movies.

1. Love Story - Warning, this movie will make you cry! After one watch it's easy to see why this 1970 Best Picture nominee is still a classic today. It gave us the classic line "love means never having to say you're sorry" which I don't really agree with but instantly love anyone who'll quote it to me. This is the tragic love story that Romeo and Juliet just never could be for me. If you've never seen it you seriously need to watch it on Valentine's Day or otherwise.

2. Sweet Home Alabama - Probably my second favorite movie of all time. If any guy ever told me he wanted to marry me so he could kiss me any time he wants, I'd marry him right there on the spot no questions asked. I know this movie is supposed to teach us to never forget our roots and not be ashamed of where we're from but I think it also has an important love lesson: people deserve a 2nd chance.

3. Valentine's Day - I know a lot of people don't like movies like this where it's many different story lines that all kinda intersect at the end, but I think this movie does it the best way I've seen. I love that this shows so many different versions of love. Love is personal, yet all kinda the same and this movie shows that.

4. Grease - This might seem like a strange pick to some, but if you over look the corny cheesy songs this musical is a good love story. Love doesn't always make sense and more often than not there will be obstacles before you can be together. Plus it gives us the important lesson that some people are worth changing for, but only if they're willing to change for you too.

5. Gone With the Wind - Most people would consider this an epic romantic movie, and I agree but for other reasons. How any woman wouldn't fall instantly and madly in love with Rhett Butler I'll never know so he alone is reason to watch this. But it also shows that maybe you don't need another person in your life. The real love of Scarlett's life is herself, her land her money her power, and that's okay.

What are your favorite romantic movies?

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  1. Sweet Home Alabama is one of my favorites as well! Why can't I just be Reese Witherspoon?!


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