Friday, February 27, 2015

short breaks to help focus

With February nearing to a close I wanted to talk about my one goal for the month, to hustle. If you've been a frequent reader of this blog you can probably guess what I've been hustling on since it obviously wasn't writing blog posts. I decided early this month that posting 3 times a week was what I needed to do in order to devote more time and energy to something more important. The cut back in number of postings has paid off because I've really been able to hustle in other parts of my life.

So how did I manage to stay motivated all month? Honestly it wasn't always easy; I found myself having to pull out some of my old study/homework tricks. I've never been able to work long hours straight without some sort of break to give my mind a rest. When I don't schedule breaks my mind will start to wander and there goes all my motivation. In college I really struggled with taking short breaks. I knew I needed to do something to give my mind a break, but if I wasn't careful that short 5 minute break would turn into an hour. A quick 5 minute scroll through twitter would spiral completely out of control more often than not. In order to power through my endless to-do lists I found a few things that helped give my mind the needed break but wouldn't allow me to get totally sidetracked. Here are my short breaks to help focus.

1. get a snack - I can't do anything when I'm hungry plus eating will help you feel more energized
2. listen to a pump you up song - ideally you'll be able to crank the volume up and have a mini dance party
3. tidy up your work space - whether it's picking up the candy wrappers from your snack, straightening your pens and sticky notes, or picking up the clothes that didn't make it to your hamper or closet making your space clean not only serves as a break but also helps eliminate distractions
4. brush your teeth - bonus points is you also floss
5. read a news article - go to your favorite news site and pick an article off the homepage. It's a break and you'll learn something new
6. do a quick workout video - I'm not talking some intense Jillian Micheals, but a quick yoga video will help you feel relaxed and ready to tackle the rest of your projects

PS: this will be my last post until I complete my rebrand! Fingers crossed I'll have everything ready to go live some time next week. It should redirect you to the new site, but just incase things don't work like I think they will, make sure you're following me on Twitter and Instagram because those will have the new domain name so you won't miss any of the excitement


  1. Yes to the tidying up! My desk at work collects junk throughout the day and it makes my brain feel all fuzzy. Taking the few minutes to re-organize does wonders! I can't wait to see your REBRAND!!!!

  2. Great post! I just wrote about something similar :) Breaks are definitely key to productivity


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