Monday, March 9, 2015

Lazy Beach Drinks

My college years were by far the most fun of my life, and I make no charade of hiding just how much I miss them. On just about any given day I would gladly go back, but there are certain times that I especially yearn for those happy days; this week is one of them. My brother is home for Spring Break and I honestly could not be more jealous. Seriously why don't we have Spring Break in the working world? I wouldn't even want to be paid for it; it'd just be nice to have a few days to myself where I could binge watch HGTV and catch up on all my back copies of Glamour.

With so many people headed to the beach for Spring Break or just a warm vacation I wanted to share some of my favorite lazy beach drinks. Sure Pinterest is filled with tons of yummy concoctions, but when you're on beach time who really has the desire to mix 3 different types of lemonade and slice 5 different types of berries. In theory these drinks are great, but in actuality I bet you've never made a single one of them. This is where my lazy beach drinks come into play. These are simply just a Sonic drink mixed with alcohol. Lazy yes, but seriously so smart! And because you're making them individually you can totally customize just how much alcohol goes into your cup.

Sonic Drinks seriously make the best mixers because the ice is the best and the Styrofoam cup means your drink won't melt as quickly and you can just toss it in the trash when you're done. These drinks aren't just for the beach; they're really perfect for any warm weather drinking activity! During my time at Ole Miss they had a very lax drinking policy in the baseball student section. As long as it wasn't glass you were good. That meant those of us who didn't plan on sitting and drinking beers all afternoon could run by sonic and bring one of these premade drinks in to enjoy the game.

And just as a reminder, because I'm always the mom of my friend group, be smart when you drink. Never get behind the wheel after drinking; the cost of a cab is way less than your life. And make sure to mix in some good ole H2O so you don't get dehydrated.

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  1. Mixing your alcohol in sonic slushies was like the ultimate sign that spring had arrived in college.

  2. Haha, I've never tried this, but I love the idea of drinking Malibu with just about anything.

  3. Omg, this is genius!! I don't think I've had Malibu since college, but I think it's time to bring it back.


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