Wednesday, March 25, 2015

thoughts you'll have while job hunting

It's a not so well kept secret that I'm currently job hunting, something that I certainly do not love. Thanks to my original post graduation job hunt which lasted 7 months combined with the approximately 3 months I've spent this time around I've seen my fair share of job postings. Unfortunately I fear I've got many more in my future. As much as I'd like to hope that I'll find, be offered, and accept my dream job in the next week, I realize that's completely unrealistic. I also realize it's unrealistic that this will be my last job search for the rest of my life.

In my opinion the job posting is a great little introduction to the company; more and more they're written in a voice to reflect the office culture. A serious corporate job will be written in a no-nonsense style while an office that enjoys casual Friday 5 days a week will let you know to start practicing for the monthly pingpong tournaments. I've never worked in HR or as a hiring manager so maybe I'm being a little tough, but sometimes these job postings are just awful. A good rule of thumb when job hunting is if the posting makes you cringe you'll hate working there even more. Another rule of thumb is "free training" usually is a phrase to steer clear from. Sometimes I'll come across a posting in my searching that just makes me stop and say WTF or one of these things
  • This is 2015 who doesn't know how to use Microsoft Word?
  • What do you mean I should have 3-5 years of experience for this entry level job?
  • LOL good luck finding someone with those qualifications 
  • Is the computer class I took in 8th grade good enough justification for saying I know Excel?
  • What do you mean this is a volunteer position? 
  • Does speaking in abbreviations count as bi-lingual? 
  • I wonder if they know that typo is there? 
  • What if my salary history is "way under paid"? 
  • If I do all this and don't even get a response I'm gonna be mad

Anyone else in the middle of a job search? Anyone have a funny story about looking for a job? Anyone know someone looking to hire a PR/marketing/event coordination position maybe in one of these cities? 

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  1. job hunting is a nightmare. I had trouble for almost 2 years (after going my whole life being handed jobs like no big deal) it was a legit nightmare. and the most annoying part was "What do you mean I should have 3-5 years of experience for this entry level job?".....ugh ugh ugh. for real though, how do they expect people to get experience if no one is going to give it to them?! I really feel for you, I hope you snag your dream job soon!! the job I'm at now, I've been here for 4 years. the longest ever for me. and I don't exactly love it. at all. but I stay because I don't want to deal with anything on that list you wrote out! hahaha
    good luck!! :) :) :)

  2. I hate job hunting. How are you supposed to gain experience for an entry level job when that said entry level job you need experience for? WHAT IS THIS. They don't prepare you for any of those frustrations in college. Good luck on your searching!


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