Thursday, April 30, 2015

What the Font?

The other night I was scrolling through Facebook trying to get my daily dose of who got engaged, who is having a baby, and who suddenly decided they are THE authority on public policy. I happened to notice the trending topics over on the side of the screen and one caught my eye: Times New Roman font bad for resumes report says. As someone who currently spends tons of time editing my resume I obviously had to click the link to see if this was true. The link brought me to this article from Bloomberg which basically told me everything I'd always thought was wrong.

According to the typography experts (how do you become one of these?) the best choice for a resume is Helvetica or if you're really experienced with a ton of things to include use Garamond.  I had always thought Times or Times New Roman was the professional font of choice. Yes it's boring, but isn't that half the point on a resume? Evidently writing your resume in Times New Roman is the same as showing up to your interview in sweatpants. No wonder I haven't landed my dream job yet!

This got me to thinking about fonts on blogs. Now I know there are probably 1million posts about how to mix and match fonts so you have something easy to read yet girly or crisp and classic, but is there a font that is the sweatpants of blogging? And does it matter if you use the font for your header vs text vs on a Pinable image? Seriously now I have so many questions! I remember watching a documentary in one of my journalism design classes about the history of Helvetica and now I really wish I had paid more attention.

Needless to say I've already jumped to my Job Search folder and changed the font of every document in there. Maybe this change is the boost I need to land a fabulous new job in one of my dream cities. Wish me luck!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spring Playlist

This week I've decided to try something different and post on Tuesday and Thursday instead of my normal Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. I could lie and pretend like I want to see if my traffic increases with the different post days, but really I'm just struggling to get things together lately. My work schedule has been weird all month and will continue to be a problem into next month and it's completely thrown me off. Combine that with my amped up job search (seriously if anyone has any leads on a communications job please please please let me know! I'm so ready for a new adventure in a new place.) and I just feel like I'm running on fumes. If I hadn't decided to scale back to the three times a week postings awhile back and was still trying to crack out 5 times a week I really think I would have lost my mind by now. So that's a very longwinded way of saying, in an effort to not feel like I'm running simply on fumes I'm going to try this twice a week thing for a little bit.

I feel a tiny bit bad that today's post isn't a real post, but not bad enough to not hit publish. As I've mentioned before I really love making new playlists every season, so today I'm sharing my spring playlist.

What songs are you loving right now?

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Four of a Kind

I've seen this post done by a few different people and since I'm still trying to recover from the stress of working the late shift all last week and shopping the Lilly for Target sale I'm a little devoid of inspiration today and I'm stealing it.

Four of my nicknames
1. Hill
2. Hilly G
3. Hilly Beth - I lived in Birmingham briefly during high school and it seemed every girl had a double name except for me. Hillary Elizabeth was too long, so my aunt started calling me this instead
4. He He Ha - when I was little I couldn't say Hillary, so this is what I told people my name was instead. My family will still makes fun of me with this, in the nicest way possible of course

Four places I've lived 
1. Baton Rouge, LA
2. Diamondhead, MS
3. Birmingham, AL
4. Oxford, MS

Four TV shows I watch 
1. HGTV - yes, the entire channel
2. Nashville
3. Mad Men
4. Scandal

Four places on my travel bucket list
1. Rome
2. San Antonio
3. Harry Potter World
4. Paris

Four jobs I've had
1. Casino Marketing Rep - my current job
2. Capitol Hill Intern - #DCSummerIntern
3. Student Newspaper Reporter
4. Summer Camp Counselor - leadership camp, not outdoors camp

that would be me in the pigtails on the left....tragic look 

Four movies I've seen more than four times 
1. Mean Girls
2. Sweet Home Alabama
3. Elf
4. Roman Holiday

Four things in my purse
1. my employee badge
2. tampon - always be prepared!
3. lipstick
4. chapstick

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Monday, April 20, 2015

post lilly for target thoughts

Now that the rush of Lilly for Target is over I think we can all take a collective sigh of relief. Am I the only person that felt like I entered a blackout state while shopping? Wether you snagged everything you wanted or got absolutely nothing you can rest easy knowing you won't be this stressed about buying discounted Lilly until the Endless Summer Sale in August. Once it was all over, I quickly jotted down a few post sale thoughts to share. These are things I said out loud, in my office at work where I was shopping during my break.

  • I sure hope this fits
  • better order two sizes just incase
  • could I be any more of a stereotype right now
  • where are those bowls
  • did I already order this
  • I've been looking at this so long I almost like that giraffe print
  • I bet the girls who run the sales on the Lilly website are high fiving themselves right now
  • but seriously, where are those bowls
  • I'm legitimately afraid to add up how much I just spent 

So how did I do? Well simply put I played the game and I won. I knew I wasn't going to be able to make it to my store for the 8am opening so online shopping was my only hope. After some research I discovered the collection was most likely to go live sometime between midnight and 2am and that the easiest tipoff was going to be from the #LillyForTarget twitter hashtag. This is how I was tipped off to the fact that if you googled the exact name of the product some glitch would let you access the link via the mobile site. You had to go directly from the google link for each item and it only worked on mobile, meaning checking out with only 1 thing in your cart at a time. But using this trick I snagged a few purchases before Target figured out the problem and shut it down. I then made one last purchase using the app when they started to reopen it around 2am. I managed to get everything except for a couple of items I wanted, something I'm totally attributing to the prayer I said at Mass earlier that night. Yes you read that right, I did pray for good luck shopping the Lilly for Target sale. That said if anyone has a set of the bowls or wine toppers they don't want please let me know! I'd be willing to pay a small markup on them, but not the tacky ebay prices, or I accidentally double ordered a few things I'd be willing to trade.

And speaking of the ebay prices...If you bought tons just to sell on Ebay you're tacky and I hate you. Seriously the people doing that make me so angry. Also if you're buying the dresses for those prices you're insane because you can buy a shift out of the Lilly store for about the same. I wasn't sure how things would fit so I ordered two sizes in a couple of dresses, but never in my dreams would I think to go and sell the ones I don't keep on ebay for $100, I will be returning them to the store like a normal person. Like seriously, what is wrong with you!?

And a little humor/my favorite reaction I saw via twitter. This woman who took to using the hashtags not to complain about the limited stock or the site crashing or unprepared employees or the outrageous ebay prices. No, this woman was complaining because they used a monkey in the advertisements and "monkeys are not actors." I laughed for a good 5 minutes when I saw her tweet, I only wish I'd taken a screenshot of it to share.

How was your shopping experience? I think it's so interesting that we were all shopping the same sale yet had so many different experiences.
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Friday, April 17, 2015

April Showers

That old saying about April showers has been no joke this past week. When I say I haven't seen sunshine in days I'm not exaggerating. And it hasn't just been calm drip drip drop little April showers (please tell me someone gets the Bambi reference) either; I'm talking under flood warning multiple days we've gotten so much. Hopefully the last of the storms are on the way out this weekend and next week will be sunny blue skies, but until then I'll be wishing I had some of this cute rain gear to keep me dry.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Happy Weekending!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Woman Crush Wednesday : Kate the Wasp

I thought it'd be fun to start a little mini series on the blog. It won't be every Wednesday, but maybe like once or twice a month. In a world where we always seem to be in competition with one another I think it's important to take the time and celebrate one another. I totally believe that saying about there's a special place in Hell for women who don't help other women, so when I see someone doing something I love I love to share it. I hope this series will help inspire us all to celebrate each other's successes and not view one another as competition. 

Kate Hendricks AKA Kate the Wasp is the funniest woman in comedy right now. Some people might think she's offensive, but in my opinion she's the exact opposite. Her sarcasm brings to light how very disconnected from the real world I sometimes can be. My favorite thing about Kate the Wasp is that her character is basically an amped up version of so many girls I know, ridiculous enough to be funny without being totally unbelievable. When I watch one of her videos or see something she's posted to twitter I almost always think how it's not too far off from what I'd think in that situation.

Let's be real, any person who can make a career off of jokes about pearls, cardigans, and wine deserves all the praise. I would love to see her do live standup one day. Not only does Kate show that you can be smart, pretty, and funny, but she's really great with fans. She tweets and snaps back, and at Christmas if you sent her your address she'd send you a hand addressed Christmas card. Plus she was a fellow SEC Theta, so obvi she's the best!

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Monday, April 13, 2015

things I wish I knew my last semester of college

It's absolutely crazy that I am about a month short of being two years out of college. While college was easily the best 4 years of my life I always say I wish I could go back and do a few things differently. There are a few things that I wish someone had told me, and really made me listen, during my last semester. They always say hindsight is 20/20 and that honestly could not be more true. So today I wanted to share a few things I wish I'd known my last semester of college.

1. Enjoy your free time - You have the rest of your life to take naps and binge watch Netflix, don't waste now. Use this time to really take advantage of where you are and who you're there with. Attend an event you've never been to whether it be a random sporting event, visiting professor lecture, or a concert, these are things you won't have the chance to experience again. Or maybe you just want to spend afternoons by the pool with your girlfriends, that's fine too. The point is whatever you do resist the temptation to stay in your bed and do nothing.

2. Make a bucket list - You know that really nice restaurant with the famous chef or that's written up about in travel magazines, go there. I went to school in a small college town and there are still restaurants that I regret never going to. I thought they were too expensive or fancy and never felt it was worth the price for a "just because" meal, but now I realize that 'because I'm about to graduate" was really all the reason I ever needed. Make a list of all these places and visit them!

3. Decorate your cap - I decorated mine and I'm so so thankful I did! Not only did it make it easy for my family to find me in the crowd, but it was a big hit with photographers. My cap made our state wide newspaper and my university's home webpage. Word to the wise though, don't wait until the night before when you're supposed to be packing to work on yours

And now some career advice

4. Take advantage of the career center - My one and only visit to the career center was at 4:45 the day before I received my diploma. Maybe I was dumb or too cocky or too proud, but for whatever reason I thought it was only for people who couldn't write a resume. I had no idea that they do so much more there. Now I'm sure every career center is different, but I'm willing to bet yours probably has some things that you should take advantage of. Mine not only helped with resumes and cover letters, but they also did extensive interview prep, including mock phone and skype interviews. And the best part is this service is totally free to students. I've even heard of some people who really connected with their career center counselor who then directly recomended them for jobs.

5. Think outside the box - I feel like most people think the options after graduation are either some sort of graduate/medical/law school or a job in their field, but really there are so many different choices. One thing I wish I would have looked into more seriously was post graduate travel. I knew I didn't have parents who could financially support me in taking a gap year traveling around Europe, but now I realize I probably could have supported myself. There are so many programs that allow you to teach or nanny in a foreign country. I know everyone has different experiences with this, but it's something I wish I would have considered. At the very least I wish I would have taken the summer right after graduation to go stay with family living somewhere else. This is probably the last time in your life you'll have this much time and this few obligations; while I certainly have more money to travel now I don't have the time off from work.

6. Don't be too proud - I'm sure you've worked really hard these past four years, but unfortunately all that knowledge and gained skills leaves us feeling entitled. I had what I thought was a really great resume and knew that I had what it takes to be a really kick butt employee, which lead me to being a little too prideful in looking for opportunities. I thought I was too good to take an internship or find a job in my hometown. This pride lead me to graduating without even having been offered an interview for a job. This quickly spiraled into me losing self confidence, which lead to me writing this blog so maybe not all bad, and absolutely hating every part of the job search. I ended up taking the first job I was offered which I rather quickly realized was a bad fit, but had to tough out so I didn't look like someone who couldn't hold a job. I have no doubt that had I been open to internships immediately, I would have landed one that summer which would have resulted in a better fitting full time job.

And while we're on the subject of graduation, anyone have a graduation gift suggestion for a boy? My brother graduates next month and then will be heading to Medical school in August and I need to figure out something to get him.

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Friday, April 3, 2015


I've been debating writing this post for a while, but finally decided to hit publish because I really wanted to hear your thoughts.

Today I'm talking about judgement. Not in the Biblical end of time, waiting at heaven's gate type judgement, but the judgement we pass on one another. Now I'm far from perfect so I'm not going to pretend like I'm not guilty here, but I do honestly feel really bad when I catch myself judging someone else. I think we can all agree it sucks to be judged yet we all still do it. Seriously what gives us the right to look at one little tiny piece of the puzzle of someone's life and think we know the entire story.

Here's a little story about a girl I know through being in my sorority, she wasn't in my chapter or anything but that's the easiest way to explain how I know her. Our relationship is the type where we'd like each other's Instagram posts, but aren't so close that we'd send each other embarrassing snapchat selfies. Well a few months back she announced on Facebook that she's pregnant. She's a couple of years older than me, but not married and doesn't seem to have a serious boyfriend. Now obviously when I first saw her announcement I couldn't believe the scandal; she's seriously the last person you'd ever suspect would be in this situation. But because she's not a close friend I didn't really know who to discuss the gossip with and didn't mention it to anyone. Until the other week when within 24 hours two separate friends brought it up, asking me if I knew she was pregnant. At this little opening I finally jumped at the chance to discuss this hot topic. I almost reveled in the fact that I'd already counted back the weeks to when she should have gotten pregnant and had stalked all her social media for signs of what could have happened. I took delight in the fact that I knew more than my friends about the job and life she had given up to move back home while pregnant. I'm so ashamed to say I was finding joy in judging this girl. But what I'm even more ashamed of is that I didn't even realize what I was doing.

We live in a world where we're so quick to pass judgement on one another that I think we've almost become immune to it. Calling someone out on Instagram for carrying a knockoff bag might seem harmless but it's not. We start there until it snowballs into complete websites where we discuss and judge the lives of people we don't even know. I'm not perfect and I enjoy reading GOMI as much as the next person. But after a few posts dissecting someone's private life - her serious boyfriend brokeup with her; she only can afford that because her parents and wealthy husband pay her bills; her dad was once arrested - I start to feel icky. Even though I've never written a post on that site, just by reading the posts I am part of the problem.

So my question to you is how do we stop this problem? How do we go back to a society that doesn't feel like we have the right to pass judgement on people we don't even know? How to we go from being nosey because we want to judge to nosey because we want to lend a helping hand?

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

6 April holidays we should celebrate

I hate April Fool's Day. Absolutely hate it. It's not that I'm so uptight I can't take a joke; I just don't understand the idea of a day totally devoted to tricking people. Maybe it's because I'm very trusting or maybe it's because I still haven't totally gotten over the year my sister hid all the toilet paper in our shared bathroom but I seriously dread April Fool's. If I didn't have to go to work today I'd stay locked in my bedroom so I didn't have to even worry about someone trying to trick me. I don't really know the history on April Fool's Day, why or who or when we started to celebrate it, but I wouldn't be sad one bit if we adopted some other random April holiday to celebrate. Here are a few of my top suggestions

April 2:  National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day - I mean seriously what's more American than a good PB&J sandwich
April 6:  Plan your Epitaph Day - Yes, maybe a little morbid, but wouldn't you rather have control over what people remember you for than someone else
April 10:  National Siblings Day - Because there had to be someone to blame when the last cookie was missing from the cookie jar or Coke stains were discovered on the carpet
April 16:  National Eggs Benedict Day - Basically national brunch day as if we needed a reminder that brunch is the best meal ever
April 22:  National Jelly Bean Day - Really it should be National Jelly Bean Day every day because I'm pretty sure there are at least 365 different flavors
April 30:  National Honesty Day - I think we can all agree that a little more honesty would be nothing but good

Long story short, unless you're Ashton Kutcher and you get paid to prank people, please don't celebrate this day
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