Monday, April 20, 2015

post lilly for target thoughts

Now that the rush of Lilly for Target is over I think we can all take a collective sigh of relief. Am I the only person that felt like I entered a blackout state while shopping? Wether you snagged everything you wanted or got absolutely nothing you can rest easy knowing you won't be this stressed about buying discounted Lilly until the Endless Summer Sale in August. Once it was all over, I quickly jotted down a few post sale thoughts to share. These are things I said out loud, in my office at work where I was shopping during my break.

  • I sure hope this fits
  • better order two sizes just incase
  • could I be any more of a stereotype right now
  • where are those bowls
  • did I already order this
  • I've been looking at this so long I almost like that giraffe print
  • I bet the girls who run the sales on the Lilly website are high fiving themselves right now
  • but seriously, where are those bowls
  • I'm legitimately afraid to add up how much I just spent 

So how did I do? Well simply put I played the game and I won. I knew I wasn't going to be able to make it to my store for the 8am opening so online shopping was my only hope. After some research I discovered the collection was most likely to go live sometime between midnight and 2am and that the easiest tipoff was going to be from the #LillyForTarget twitter hashtag. This is how I was tipped off to the fact that if you googled the exact name of the product some glitch would let you access the link via the mobile site. You had to go directly from the google link for each item and it only worked on mobile, meaning checking out with only 1 thing in your cart at a time. But using this trick I snagged a few purchases before Target figured out the problem and shut it down. I then made one last purchase using the app when they started to reopen it around 2am. I managed to get everything except for a couple of items I wanted, something I'm totally attributing to the prayer I said at Mass earlier that night. Yes you read that right, I did pray for good luck shopping the Lilly for Target sale. That said if anyone has a set of the bowls or wine toppers they don't want please let me know! I'd be willing to pay a small markup on them, but not the tacky ebay prices, or I accidentally double ordered a few things I'd be willing to trade.

And speaking of the ebay prices...If you bought tons just to sell on Ebay you're tacky and I hate you. Seriously the people doing that make me so angry. Also if you're buying the dresses for those prices you're insane because you can buy a shift out of the Lilly store for about the same. I wasn't sure how things would fit so I ordered two sizes in a couple of dresses, but never in my dreams would I think to go and sell the ones I don't keep on ebay for $100, I will be returning them to the store like a normal person. Like seriously, what is wrong with you!?

And a little humor/my favorite reaction I saw via twitter. This woman who took to using the hashtags not to complain about the limited stock or the site crashing or unprepared employees or the outrageous ebay prices. No, this woman was complaining because they used a monkey in the advertisements and "monkeys are not actors." I laughed for a good 5 minutes when I saw her tweet, I only wish I'd taken a screenshot of it to share.

How was your shopping experience? I think it's so interesting that we were all shopping the same sale yet had so many different experiences.
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  1. Oh my gosh, that was so smart of you to use the #LillyForTarget twitter hashtag to do research on when the sales went live online! I didn't even consider trying online shopping, just went straight the the store at 7:55 am. And I totally agree with you on the eBay resellers.... "You're tacky and I hate you" is the best way to put it. Can't wait to see all the goodies you got! - Alyssa with an A

  2. Look at you being really clever and figuring out all the little tricks to get brought to the products as soon as they opened. That may be the best thing I've read about all these Lilly posts. While I wasn't even attempting to get anything during this sale I completely agree with your usage of the quote "You're tacky and I hate you" for re-sellers. It was the same way on Saturday with record store day releases. Dude, just let the fans get stuff and actually appreciate it.

  3. You're so clever!! Lol. I think out of all the Lilly stuff, the nail polishes were my fave but I don't see myself buying anything. I do agree with you about the creeps only buying things to resell!!

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  5. I am convinced I blacked out too... I also got the giraffe dress because I was holding it for so long I fell in love with it. I say its hypnosis

  6. The eBay prices make my blood boil!! All I wanted was that cute $15 tote (which is like $80 on eBay, btw) and a shift dress! I think the most disappointing part of it all was I was up reading the Twitter leaks and still couldn't get my hands on them! Then I went to the store and of course it was a total wipe out! I did manage to snag a pair of the pineapple sandals though, so it wasn't a total loss! One day the Target gods will answer our prayers! Sounds like you had some luck though, even if it wasn't the easiest to do! Ps- I'll gladly buy whatever you don't want if you have a shift dress or tote to spare :)

  7. Haha love the School of Rock quote!! It's so perfect and I couldn't agree more. Luckily the Target I went to had a one item minimum, meaning you could only get one of each style so no one could hoard everything to sell on eBay! Even with that the place sold out in under 3 minutes!!!

  8. So, will Target not re-stock the Lilly collection? I've been confused about that. You and I both went to Ole Miss, so we know how much Ole Miss girls looooove some Lilly! I guess I'm a little weird; I've never found much in the Lilly Pulitzer department that I like or that suits my style. To each her own!


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