Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spring Playlist

This week I've decided to try something different and post on Tuesday and Thursday instead of my normal Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. I could lie and pretend like I want to see if my traffic increases with the different post days, but really I'm just struggling to get things together lately. My work schedule has been weird all month and will continue to be a problem into next month and it's completely thrown me off. Combine that with my amped up job search (seriously if anyone has any leads on a communications job please please please let me know! I'm so ready for a new adventure in a new place.) and I just feel like I'm running on fumes. If I hadn't decided to scale back to the three times a week postings awhile back and was still trying to crack out 5 times a week I really think I would have lost my mind by now. So that's a very longwinded way of saying, in an effort to not feel like I'm running simply on fumes I'm going to try this twice a week thing for a little bit.

I feel a tiny bit bad that today's post isn't a real post, but not bad enough to not hit publish. As I've mentioned before I really love making new playlists every season, so today I'm sharing my spring playlist.

What songs are you loving right now?

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