Thursday, April 30, 2015

What the Font?

The other night I was scrolling through Facebook trying to get my daily dose of who got engaged, who is having a baby, and who suddenly decided they are THE authority on public policy. I happened to notice the trending topics over on the side of the screen and one caught my eye: Times New Roman font bad for resumes report says. As someone who currently spends tons of time editing my resume I obviously had to click the link to see if this was true. The link brought me to this article from Bloomberg which basically told me everything I'd always thought was wrong.

According to the typography experts (how do you become one of these?) the best choice for a resume is Helvetica or if you're really experienced with a ton of things to include use Garamond.  I had always thought Times or Times New Roman was the professional font of choice. Yes it's boring, but isn't that half the point on a resume? Evidently writing your resume in Times New Roman is the same as showing up to your interview in sweatpants. No wonder I haven't landed my dream job yet!

This got me to thinking about fonts on blogs. Now I know there are probably 1million posts about how to mix and match fonts so you have something easy to read yet girly or crisp and classic, but is there a font that is the sweatpants of blogging? And does it matter if you use the font for your header vs text vs on a Pinable image? Seriously now I have so many questions! I remember watching a documentary in one of my journalism design classes about the history of Helvetica and now I really wish I had paid more attention.

Needless to say I've already jumped to my Job Search folder and changed the font of every document in there. Maybe this change is the boost I need to land a fabulous new job in one of my dream cities. Wish me luck!

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  2. Well you definitely learn something new every day. Holy cow.

  3. I saw the same report and immediately changed the font on my resume. Sounds crazy, but it makes so much sense! As far as the "sweatpants of font" on a blog I'm going to have to say anything comic sans/cursive-y. Titles are okay, but I can never read a whole post if the text is so distracting!

    Pick Your Beau

  4. Haha, I never knew that! Time to change the good ole resume! I cannot stand Comic Sans... but maybe that's just me!

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