Monday, May 25, 2015

2 years of blogging

Friday marked my two year anniversary of starting to blog "seriously." Before that I had blogged very irregularly, not fully understanding how much effort it required to run a successful blog. I foolishly thought, "I'm cute and funny so people who've never even met me will love to read what I have to say and I'll probably get a book deal in a couple of months." Okay, so maybe I wasn't that delusional, but I honestly had no idea how much really went into being a blogger. I think only in this last 6 months I'm really starting to appreciate how difficult it really is. I've realized growing an audience is only part of it.

It's only been a few months since I made my big blog transition with the rebrand. I know my postings have been a little sporadic since then and it may not seem it, but I could not be more glad I did it. Deciding to rebrand was scary, especially because I did the entire thing myself, but seeing the current result is so satisfying. Hopefully my real life (does anyone else refer to non blogging things as real life or is that just me?) calms down soon and I'll have the time to more fully devote to growing and improving this space. Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive. 

So what have I learned in this second year of blogging? It's pretty simple really; being a "big blogger" doesn't happen overnight. But just because you run a "small" blog doesn't mean you aren't successful. If you find joy in even one aspect of writing your blog, wether it be connecting with other bloggers, free stuff, or just having a space to write out your thoughts, you are successful. In short, you determine your own success.

And what would an anniversary be without presents! These are all things that I love so much I decided to buy a second of to giveaway to one of you. I wish I could send each and every one of you presents because I seriously feel like some of you are closer than my real life friends, but I'm poor and can only send one of you something. So one lucky follower will win Kendra Scott Elle earrings, a Bando drink koozie, Kate Spade correspondence cards, and a pink mini tassel key ring!

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  1. I definitely feel where you're coming from. It took me years to post regularly. It is a lot more difficult than it seems. Congrats on making it work so long.

    Also, I left my bloglovin name wrong in the rafflecopter. It's actually kaylakedavra. Not whatever I typod.

  2. Congrats girl!! I love your rebrand and I'm so proud of how your blog has grown over the years! xoxo

  3. Randomly found your blog today and I love it!! I feel like a lot of what you write are things I'm going through as well!

  4. Congrats Hill!! I can't wait to see what the future holds for Salsa! :)

    Pick Your Beau

  5. Congrats on 2 years.
    Such a fun giveaway that I'll definitely be entering.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  6. congrats on two years :) One thing I have learned is that it is important to network and meet people :)

  7. To be you and be real. Be authentic! Congrats on 2 years :)

  8. I've learned how to manage time while having a blog. Scheduling posts makes me manage my life all together haha

  9. I just found your blog the other day through your Instagram and I love it! Such a happy blog to read through, I can't stop reading your posts!

  10. I came across your blog thru instagram. I really like the advice you gave on this post and for someone staring a blog, it feels encouraging to hear about your journey.

  11. I feel ya,sista! I have such a hard time posting regularly and learning to balance real life with blogger life is deff a challenge! Congrats on the re-brand and two years,love reading you're posts!


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