Friday, May 22, 2015

a few questions for you

Okay so today's post is going to be a little short and maybe a little weird, but with most people probably only thinking about their long weekend coming up I figured nobody wanted to read a real post today. I've had a few things on my mind that I would really love your input on, I've asked some of these on twitter but I feel like sometimes it's so awkward to respond in 140 characters so I'd ask again here.

1. I'm in the market for a new laptop and don't know what to get. My 2008 Macbook is about on it's last leg as in the battery says "replace now" and sometimes to click pad (is that what you call it?) doesn't work right and will highlight everything. I really love my Mac but the thought of shelling out the cash to buy a new one is really difficult, seriously why are they so expensive? So I've been considering buying a different brand, specifically a laptop/tablet duo. I just know I want something with a built-in camera that I can use for blogging and applying for jobs (hopefully not for too much longer though). I'll use it every day and really don't want to buy another one for a few years. So do I just suck it up and buy another Mac because I know the quality is good, or do I go with something else? I guess when you factor in the cost per use a Mac really isn't that expensive.

2. I need a vacation, since I've started working a year and a half ago I haven't taken a vacation for me. Every PTO day has been used for some type of obligation (my friend's wedding and my brother's graduation). So I have a couple of options that I'm torn between. My first idea was to do a long weekend in Dallas, since that's where I've decided I wanted to live and am applying for jobs yet have never actually visited; I can get a very reasonably priced direct flight which is rare. I thought it'd be fun to ask my not technically my boyfriend guy if he wanted to meet me because it's our halfway point and he has good friends there so he knows all the fun things to do. But he starts his new job a couple weeks before and doesn't know if he can get off. So I could ask someone else, like a girl friend or my mom, to go with me or book the trip and hope he can make it at risk of ending up going alone. OR my second idea was to just wait until the end of July and go see Shania Twain in Nashville for my birthday. One of my sorority sisters is from there and I'm fairly sure she'd go with me/stay at her parents' for free. But the down side to that is I'd have to go two more months without a vacation, and honestly I really hope I'll have a new job by that point. PS: has anyone ever flown Spirit Airlines?

3. Speaking of having a new job, I'm on the job hunt and it epically sucks. Anybody have any tips for landing a job in a city where you aren't currently living? I know it's easier to find something when you're local but I can't relocate until I'm hired, mainly because no apartment is going to rent to an unemployed 23 year old. I've had a couple of phone interviews but when I mention I'd have to give my current employer proper notice it's like I'm crossed off the list. Is two weeks notice not a thing anymore?

4. My skin hates me right now. Okay so maybe it's not just right now, but it seriously hates me. I've always been really lucky and had good skin that didn't require anything other than washing and even that I could skip a couple times a week and be okay. But now I work in a smokey environment and my skin is not having it. I've never had so many breakouts in my life and as someone who still thinks the best zit cream is toothpaste I don't really know how to handle it. Anyone have any tips? It's not so bad that I'd need something prescribed but I'm sure there's something I could be using so I'm not so self conscious about it.

And that's all I've got today folks. Enjoy your long weekend, I'll be working so if you're headed to the beach or the lake don't forget the sunscreen and have a drink for me!

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  1. If you can afford to dish out the cash for a Mac, I would do that since you're obviously already familiar with it and like the way it works. Most people that I know that buy what you're talking about aren't satisfied because they hate Windows 8. BUT, that's just what others I know have experienced. You might want to go to a store like Best Buy and fiddle with a couple different ones like the Lenova Yoga. Hope that helps some!

  2. I have an Acer Aspire and a MacBook, and I prefer my Acer over anything I've ever had! It's a touch screen and has a huuuuuge screen on it, which I love! It is light but very durable. I've had it two years with absolutely not problems! Also, you asked me about Amy Head's store; she is just a couple stores down from the Rib Cage, almost directly across from Cat Daddy's t-shirt store off the Square. Her products are AMAZING! Go in and ask for Claire and tell her Kate sent you :)

  3. Dallas is fun. I went for training for a job. I was there all alone for two weeks and it was a lot of fun. There's a lot of good food and walking around downtown Dallas and seeing where JFK was assassinated was surreal. I talked a little about my trip here:

  4. I bought my first Mac two years ago and though it was not fun shelling out the money, I would say it's definitely worth it for me. I'm in love with all sorts of the apple products/software. I've always wanted to visit Dallas - good luck in the job hunt!! I think the biggest thing in landing a job not local to you is practicing your phone interviewing skills and tailoring your resume.

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