Thursday, May 7, 2015

Graduation Gifts

Sorry for being MIA, but as I mentioned last week I'm running on fumes lately. Yesterday was my first day off work in 7 days, so needless to say getting a blog post written fell to the bottom of my to-do list. But thankfully is today is my 2nd of 7 days off so I'm recovering. My brother graduates from Ole Miss this weekend so those 7 days aren't really going to be a vacation, more of a fun family obligation. So send good vibes my way as I'm stuck in the car with my family tonight and again Sunday morning on the way home.

So in the spirit of graduation I decided I'd share some gifts that I would have loved to receive for my graduation 2 years ago. Obviously any graduates first gift choice would be a full-time benefits paying job, but unless you're a hiring manager that's a difficult thing to have gif twrapped and ready to hand over after they cross the stage. These gifts however will make a good substitution for the graduate in your life.

coordinates cuff - These are increasingly becoming more popular, a fact I attribute to Angelina Jolie's tattoos. I loved my college town more than any other place on earth, but I don't want it tattooed on me forever, but I will happily wear a piece of jewelry. My mom actually just bought me one with the coordinates of The Grove, the area where we tailgate for football games, and I'm really excited for it. I love how unique these are, plus they're a great conversation piece because people will recognize it's a set of coordinates and ask.
classic heels - A classic pair of black heels are the epitome of professional, grownup, sophisticated accesories. Sure every girl probably has 15 pairs of heels, but a good timeless pair can always be added. Plus your foot size isn't going to change so even if they sit in a box for a year they'll still be put to use. To me this gift says "I know you're going to succeed in your career", and who doesn't want to hear that.
tote - Does anyone use a backpack after college? No, that's a serious question. A simple tote is great because you can throw everything you need for the day in without having to worry about a purse and a briefcase and a bag to hold your extra pair of happy hours shoes. This one is a simple enough that you can use it for the office or for traveling.
zippered agenda - I absolutely loved my Lilly agenda in college, could not have made it through without it, but after graduation I felt like I needed something a little more grownup. This one not only comes in a variety of colors and can be personalized, but it's really great quality and made in the USA! This is the exact one I have and I personally think the pop of color is ideal because it's easier to find in your tote of paper covered desk.
monogram necklace - This is a great simple piece that can be worn everyday. I like this block font because it's simple and not as showy as the ornate script monogram necklaces usually are. I have this one in the size small antique gold and wear it all the time. In a world of statement necklaces it's nice to have a classic piece you can wear to run errands on Saturday or to the office when you're not feeling very fashion forward on a Tuesday.
art print - One of my very favorite graduation gifts was a print of our mascot in front of my sorority house that was done by one of my sorority advisors. Evelyn Henson has a bunch, but if you look in local boutiques I'm sure you'll find one for any local schools. These prints are such a perfect way to have a little reminder of the town you called home for 4 or more years.

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  1. Super cute ideas, Hillary! I would have loved getting any of these as a graduate {and now I wish I knew someone graduating to give one of these gifts to! haha}


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