Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Five

1. I really really miss blogging regularly. I know I probably sound like a broken record by now, but seriously thanks so much to those of you who keep coming back and reading when I do post. To get a post up I have to hand write it all and then type it; getting links placed is a chore and you can just about forget adding a graphic. Because they only require my phone I'm able to post more frequently to Instagram and Twitter and I'm able to read (but not comment) on your blogs there too. I've been doing really great with my no spend June, so I think I'll be able to treat myself to an early birthday present beginning of July and get a new laptop. I think I've decided to go with another Mac because I loved this one so much and literally had no problems until about 2 months ago, I just need to decide which one to get. Not having a fully functionally computer really sucks because not only do I need it for blogging, but also for applying to jobs.

2. Speaking of applying for jobs, can we just talk about LinkedIn for a minute. Is it just be or is there not a singular "right" way to do your profile. I feel like everyone has their own little twist and it makes trying to create your profile really difficult. For example the summary; I've seen no summary, I've seen just action words, I've seen written in third person, I've seen written in first. So which is the correct way to do it? Seriously if you have any insight please please share!

3. The other day at work one of my coworkers put in her notice and my supervisor asked me to help him with the interviews to replace her. There are three of us who do the same job, so basically it's hiring someone to do my job in just a different shift. I have zero experience hiring people and only a handfull of bad interviews to go off of, so I really don't have any idea what I'm doing. I'm flattered he asked me to help, because it shows that he thinks I do a good job and have a firm understanding of the position, but at the same time I feel really awkward about it. It'll probably be a handfull of internal applicants and maybe a couple of outsiders which makes me even more uncomfortable because these are people I know and will have to work with regardless of if they get the position. Anyone ever been in the same situation? Any advice?

4. What shampoo do you use? I use and it's been leaving my hair feeling seriously icky lately. Before I started this job I washed my hair every other or every third day, but because I work in smoke I now wash it every day and my hair is just not loving it. I have longish, thick, naturally curly/wavy hair that I prefer to just wash at night, let air dry while I sleep and just bobby pin back so it's not in my face.

5. I seriously cannot get enough of this version of Bad Blood. I had a moment when I remembered I couldn't add it to my spotify playlist because I just want to listen to it on repeat. I still don't love the video, but I really love the addition of Kendrick Lamar

Have a great weekend! What's on your mind today?

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  1. You're so right about LinkedIn - every profile I see is always done so differently I don't know what's supposed to be the "right" way to do it. If you're hair has been feeling icky definitely try Neutrogena's deep cleansing shampoo - it's kind of on the pricier side of drugstore shampoos, but if you use it once a week or so just to get a good cleanse the bottle will last you forever!

    Pick Your Beau

  2. I use DesignLine tea tree shampoo and conditioner and I absolutely love it!


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