Wednesday, June 24, 2015

#GirlBoss : a review

I recently read Sophia Amoruso's #GirlBoss. Yes, I know I'm about 8 months late to the party, but I'm not a "fashion girl" and honestly have never even been on the Nasty Gal website so it wasn't a top priority. I've read some really mixed reviews, but overall I really enjoyed it. Enjoyed it so much that it's the one book I got from the library (because a Girl Boss doesn't pay for anything she can legally get for free) and finished before it was due back. There's no great hidden secret to success she shares that hasn't been said before, but it's a good pick me up read. Every time I opened the pages to read I felt really empowered and like the sky's the limit. Basically I felt like a total GirlBoss

In the end there were 3 major points that I think are the real takeaways.
1. At Subway it's someone's job to mix the mayonnaise in with the tuna to make tuna salad. Okay so maybe not earth shattering, but I simply cannot get that image of massaging in mayonnaise out of my head. I would never order the tuna salad at Subway anyway, but now I'm going to cringe a little when I hear of anyone who does.

2. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can start climbing to the top. She was literally caught shoplifting tampons before she turned her life around; I don't think it gets more rock bottom than that. Once you hit the bottom you have to realize you aren't where you want to be and make a change. In the words of Drake "started from the bottom, now we here."

3. There is no singular "right" way to be successful. This is by far the most important idea in the book, and one that I think most of us know yet need to be reminded of often. Sophia doesn't have a fancy degree from a very expensive university, in fact she has no degree. But what she does have is resolve; she figured out what she was good at and what she liked doing and figured out how to turn it into a very successful career. Just because you're not good at what you or other people think you should be good at doesn't mean you have no worth, you simply have to figure out where you worth lies.

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  1. Your reference to Drake alone makes me want to read this even more now.

  2. I've had this book on my shelf for months. Have started it 3 different times. Now, I want to finish. Thanks for the review!

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