Friday, July 31, 2015

24 favorite posts

Thank you so much for all the kind birthday wishes! I had to work yesterday so I celebrated with lunch with my family and birthday donuts. I put more thought into my wish than I ever have before, so hopefully it'll come true and 24 will be my best year yet.

Last year on my birthday I shared 23 things I really wanted, but were a little impossible to receive. I thought about doing another list, but just adding 1 more item seemed kinda lame. So instead I decided to complile a list of my top 24 favorite posts. Some of these are recent ones that you might remember, but some are so old I'm certain nobody ever read them the first time around.

1. My All Time Favorites Play List
2. A Magnolia State of Mind
3. The Best M&M Cookies 
4. My Defining Moment  
5. What Being a Sister has Taught Me 
6. Why I'm Actually the Worst Blogger 
7. One Last Thought on 2013
8. A Review of Ajax Diner
9. Alternative Olympic Sports
10. 7 Places I would Like to Live
11. 7 Places I would not Like to Live
12. An Honest About Me
13. 5 Ways to Feel Put Together
14. 15 Great Karaoke Songs
15. 9 Reasons Brunch is the Best 
16. How To Become Instagram Famous
17. My Life in 200 Words
18. Road Trip Essentials
19. My Own Nail Polish Line  
20. Advice for a First Time Bridesmaid 
21. How To Make and Stick to a Budget 
22. Stop LoopGiveaways 2015 - Tips for Hosting an Instagram Giveaway
23. DIY Kate Spade Earrings
24. Thoughts You'll Have While Job Searching

So click though (use the Pin It button!)  and maybe you'll discover a new favorite post! Let me know if you do! Also I usually share an old post or two every week on my twitter using #salsaarchives

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