Wednesday, July 15, 2015

applying for jobs is a lot like dating

As you all know I'm job hunting and have been for the past few months. In all honesty job hunting is a lot like dating. You're putting yourself totally out there hoping someone else can see your worth. It's essentially saying "This is who I am, please like me." Like dates, some job applications are worse than others. There are the ones that you apply to and never hear a response; that's like leaving your number for the cute bartender or swiping right on Tinder. You've put in some effort, but not so much that it's personal; there are a million possible reasons they didn't call you. Then there are the ones that you interview for and don't work out, either they never contact you for another interview or just go total silence until 3 months down the road you receive a form email informing you you didn't get the position, or worse you never hear back at all. This is the boy you go out with once and are left hoping for a second date that never comes. Was he your happily ever after? Maybe, maybe not; things end before you're really ever able to discover, and two months later you see him out with another girl. This one stings a little more. But in my opinion the worst is the one that wants you yet can't seem to pull through to make it work.

Unfortunately I'm stuck in the last example in both my job hunt and dating life but that's another post for another day. I was offered a position Sunday night for what would have been my dream job if only it paid more. It was the most work I've ever done in an application and interview process and I guess I should have seen the signs from the beginning. In my rush to make this potential employer want me I sat through 2 interviews (one at 8:30am after working till midnight the night before) and completed 5 skills assessments which was essentially providing free work. After months on the job hunt I didn't feel empowered enough to pull the trigger and say enough was enough. I was offered the very lowest amount in the range for the starting salary along with zero benefits because it was going to be a contract position; I was offered a job with more work and responsibility for much less pay than I currently make. I tried to counter offer and was met with rudeness. I was told that if the starting salary wasn't going to meet my expectations than I never should have applied. But honestly why would you quote a range and then not be willing to negotiate within that range?  Even though the offered terms were not satisfactory I still have a problem turning it down. From the time I first got the offer email to until about an hour after turning it down the next morning I was filled with so much anxiety. I've been applying and interviewing for months, could I really turn this opportunity down? With no other prospects on the horizon was it worth it to say no and essentially start back at square one? My answer ultimately was yes.

I guess what I'm trying to say is it's important to know your own worth and stick to your guns when someone else doesn't see it. Do I think I'm worth $100,000 a year? No, but I do think I'm worth more than $17,000 below the average for that job. Sometimes life is really hard, but you just have to have faith in yourself and believe that your worth is visible to others. Eventually someone will think you have more worth than you even think for yourself.

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  1. So sorry they weren't willing to negotiate, so frustrating! My husband has been job hunting for months too and he is getting so frustrated, there just doesn't seem to be a lot out there, or at least not in his field.


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