Wednesday, August 5, 2015

a letter to my old computer

Dear sweet old Macbook,

I think it's time we part ways. It's nothing personal, and we had a really good thing while it lasted, but this is the end. I'm letting you retire as any great should be given the opportunity to. Nobody wants to go out as a failure, waiting till the last minute to call it quits.

You were there for every single scholarship application and essay I wrote in high school. Dutifully playing my favorite songs in the background as I spent late nights working through AP Chemistry problems and defining vocabulary words. You were there for every single paper, report, and project through my college years. Creating a sound track for that horrible music class I took my first semester and the paper that crazy English professor gave me an F on and then couldn't point out a single flaw it had. There were also lots of really good assignments you saw me through like the first article I wrote for the campus paper that ended up on the front page. You were my accomplice for every late night study session and inappropriately timed Hulu marathon. You're where I created this blog and rediscovered my passion for writing. We've been to DC and Arizona and back and forth across this state more times than I can count. You got me through crushes and broken hearts and obsessive Facebook stalking of exs new girlfriends. I would go days, maybe even weeks, not talking to family or friends but a day never went by that I didn't need you.

Don't think of this as being replaced by a younger, stronger, newer model, even though that is what you're being replaced by. You taught me what it was like to own something trendy and beautiful; at one point you were the most expensive thing I owned. You taught me it was okay to spend money on something of high quality, and that's what I'm doing. So while I'll now use my new Macbook Pro with all it's memory and speed and high quality graphics, I'll always love you. You were the first expensive splurge item I ever owned and you taught me it's okay for you not to be my last.

So here's to you and the great 7 years we spent together. I love you. I appreciate you. I'll never forget you.

PS: Any guidance about what to do with you now other than let you live under my bed would be greatly appreciated.

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