Wednesday, August 12, 2015

summer hats

I guess I've kinda decided to make this fashion week on the blog. If you hate fashion posts well then I'm sorry not sorry, but maybe you should just check back next week.

I really love hats. I don't look really good in hats, but I love them. I secretly dream of living back in time when no lady's outfit was complete without her beautiful hat. Sometimes I'll watch old movies (think Doris Day) just for the outfits, specifically the elegant hats. I really think that's why The Kentucky Derby is so popular, forget the horse races, everyone just wants a hat! Even though sunglasses are my #1 summer accessory I really love to break out a hat during this season. Wether it's a floppy sun hat that has me channeling my inner beach goddess or a good old baseball cap for the days my pool hair is more wet dog than beach waves I just think these are the perfect way to finish your outfit. Plus if you're wearing a hat you don't have to spend as much time fixing your hair which means more sun time or hitting the snooze button a few extra times if that's more your thing.

So have I convinced you to take the plunge and embrace hats this season? Good! Here are few that I think are totally adorable and affordable enough to not break the bank if you decide this accessory isn't for you.

Which is your favorite? I think I'm a little partial to that pineapple cap!

What's your favorite summer accessory?

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  1. So cute! I love hats too, I don't wear them often enough!


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