Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summer Prints

I know summer is quickly coming to a close, but with temps still in the high 90s I just can't bring myself to start thinking about fall. Plus if I'm being totally honest I'm just not ready to say goodbye to summer prints. I might be biased because summer is my favorite season, but I just think summer clothes is the most fun because of all the cute prints. Fall and winter I feel like usually stick to solid colors because you're layering and a print could be over powering, but with the lighter fabrics a bold summer print isn't overwhelming.

If you're like me and still loving these fun summer prints I've rounded up a few of my favorite pieces still in stores. And bonus most are now on sale as stores are rolling out their fall collections!

The nautical look is usually really popular in summer, but I was surprised that I really didn't see too much of it this year. I feel like everything was dominated by flamingos, pineapples, and palm trees. I was absolutely thrilled to see flamingos be so popular because they're my 3rd favorite animal!

What summer prints are you still loving? Want more summer shopping? Check out these posts!

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