Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Top 3 Wednesday

Becca does a post on Tuesdays called "Top 3 Tuesday" where she shares the top 3 things that are making her happy that week. I really love and look forward to these posts because they're filled with nothing but positivity. I'm really trying to be a more positive person and have decided that for the rest of the month I'm not going to snapchat a single negative thing. I realized I was using it as my main outlet of complaining and as such certain friends were having my negativity thrust upon them, and that's just not fair.

I don't post on Tuesdays so I decided to make this Top 3 Wednesday and share the 3 things making me happy this week!

1. The tremendous growth I've seen in all my blog accounts lately. I now have over 600 Instagram followers and last week had my first post to reach over 150 likes! If you aren't already, go follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin now!

2. I finally got my Kendra Scott Kay Stud earrings! I ordered them a month ago, FedEx/USPS lost them, and last week they were finally resent to me arriving on Monday. I am absolutely in love with them and don't mind the extra long wait time now.

3. Spotify's Acoustic Covers playlist is my current favorite playlist. It's the perfect mixture for when I need to get some writing done. Speaking of writing, today my first post of my free-lance writing was published and I'm so excited this new venture is officially real!

So there's my top 3, well really 4 things from this week. Share your top 3 with me down below!

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  1. Congrats on all the blog growth! So impressive. Love the earrings!

  2. Really enjoyed the article and great blog! Thank you


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