Friday, October 30, 2015

IN vs. Out October

Raise your hand if you can't believe October is over. I think I blinked and just totally missed the entire month. It feels like just yesterday I was writing my first In vs. Out post to link up with Allison. But October has absolutely flown by and here are again. October has been jam packed with things so I'm excited to recap.

Quitting my job
Fun new Snap Chat filters (PS make sure to follow me hill_goodfellow)
Endless to-do lists

Christmas music, I tried and it just felt wrong
Saving money, the shopping bug bit me hard
Responding to comments, y'all I'm so sorry I epically sucked this month

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

the first day

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Yesterday was my last day of work at the job I've held for the past 23 months. I swiped my badge at 2am and walked out that employee entrance for the last time. I had planned for this post to go up yesterday but I just couldn't make myself write it in time. It's funny because I've imagined writing it for so long, drafted so many versions in my head, and yet I just couldn't figure out what to say. A day I'd been anxiously anticipating for so long was finally here, and I was speechless.

It's no secret I was unhappy in that job for a while, but at the end of almost 2 years I am thankful for it. It was my first job out of college and really did teach me a few things. All my job hunting and interview prepping paid off and I'm off to a new opportunity. I'll be sharing a little more about what my next plans are next week, but for now I wanted to focus on the positive and end this chapter of my life remembering the good. So today I thought I'd share the two biggest takeaways from this experience in an effort to try and be optimistic for anyone else who might be struggling in a job they don't love anymore.

1. You have to be at work one way or another, so you might as well be there with a smile on your face. Earlier this month I was nominated for Crew Member of the Quarter and when they read my nomination letter the thing that really stuck with me was that I was "eternally optimistic," and not to toot my own horn, but I totally am. I'm convinced that if you act happy and like you're glad to be there there's a higher chance that it'll come true. If you're mopping around unhappy about being there you're never going to have an enjoyable day.

2. Listen to your heart and know when it's time to move on. On the total flip side of that first fact, sometimes you have to realize you just can't grin and bare it anymore. I'm not saying you have to be over the moon happy every day, but when you leave on Friday already dreading having to come back on Monday you should take that as a sign. That's what happened to me. Even though I had the realization that my job mattered, it just didn't make me happy and it wasn't worth it anymore. I'm very thankful I have a great mom who reminded me of that and encouraged me to turn in my notice even before my next plans were completely finalized.

I'll be sharing more about what my next plans are next week. But be sure to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat (hill_goodfellow) for some sneak peaks before the news officially hits the blog.
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Monday, October 26, 2015

fall shopping round up

I know I already did a shopping post this month, but I'm really loving all the fall fashions out right now so I decided it'd be okay to do a second. I promise I'm not turning into a fashion blogger, mostly because I have nobody to take photos of me.

Today I thought it'd be fun to do a bit of a fall shopping roundup. I feel like with so many bloggers posting links to different products on Twitter or Instagram or directly on blogs it's so difficult to know what's actually cute and what's just trying to post for the clicks. I actually own each of these items below and they're products that I'd recommend to my sisters or girl friends so you know I like them.

Dress - This is hands down my favorite dress I've bought this year. I was really torn about if I should order it or not because I was worried the cream colored background wouldn't work in fall, but Koryn of Pick Your Beau talked me into it and I'm so glad she did. I've worn it with brown booties so far and I know it'll work with tights and tall boots as it gets colder.
Hat - Y'all come on, how could I pass up a hat with a giant pom pom? This is just so fun and I can't wait to wear it all winter! It also comes in a couple of other color combinations, but I really liked these classic colors.
Sunglasses - I bought $350 sunglasses. LOL JK, I did not hit the jackpot playing at the casino last week. I actually bought $6 sunglasses which is my ideal price. Once again I own major thanks to Koryn for letting me know these Prada dupes exist in my price range.
Earrings - Okay so I guess I technically bought these in the summer, but the USPS look forever to deliver them so I'm counting them as a fall purchase. I've wanted something in the abalone shell from Kendra Scott since I first went on her website, but was always too nervous because each piece is unique. I'm so so happy I finally was brave enough to order these because I'm seriously in love. Also don't forget I'm giving a pair of these away!
Socks - A friend recently introduced me to SmartWool and I seriously don't know how I've lived my entire life without these. They make a variety of socks in different thicknesses and levels of support so you can really find the perfect pair for your needs. I ordered these margarita socks (because duh) plus 5 more pairs.
Boots - I actually order two pairs of boots this fall, these snow boots plus Bean Boots. The Bean Boots I ordered are actually not back ordered in a few sizes, but they're not your classic looking Bean Boot so I know some people might not be into them. I can't wait for snow so I can wear these all the time. I was really worried they'd be too heavy and I'd feel like Big Foot, but they're actually really normal feeling.
Sweater - You know I love a good leopard print. This sweater is so fun yet classic yet contemporary if that's possible. It's also really soft and cozy. I would recommend going up a size though so you get a slightly more oversized/longer look because it is junior sizing.

What have you bought and loved this fall? Any early winter purchases you're dying to use?

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Friday, October 23, 2015

50 in 500 update

I have a little over 9 months left to complete the items on my 50 in 500 list, and honestly I thought I'd have more items checked off by now. You can always follow along with my progress through that little tab at the top; as I complete something I cross it out and leave a date. But today I wanted to highlight a few of the things I've accomplished and a share the next few things I'm going to focus on in the next couple of months. I'm probably do one more update before my 500 days are over in July.

So far I've completed 14 items totally with progress on an additional two. Checking anything off is exciting but a few items have been especially exciting to get to mark off
Number 8: own a real piece of art - I've lusted after Evelyn Henson's artwork for months and was so thrilled when I won a gift card to finally purchase one of her adorable elephant canvases. Elephants are smart and luck ( I don't really know why, but I remember hearing that when I was young and I've believed it since) plus they're my second favorite animal so being able to have this orignial piece on my wall is a real treat.
Number 32: write a sponsored post - writing a sponsored post was a big blogging goal of mine for this year and being approached by a brand I love made it even better. I was so happy to have the opportunity to share about Wrenn Jewelry in a creative way while checking something off my list.

There were a few items I'm actually surprised I haven't checked off yet that I thought I would have done by now. I guess these all just seemed like such simple ones I didn't make them a priority.
Number 6: join a book club
Number 18: better organize my Pinterest boards
Number 28: donate my hair.

I also thought I would have made more progress on a couple items
Number 1: visit 3 new states - As I've mentioned before I had a couple of potential trips planned for this past summer that fell through but would have taken me to these 3 new states.
Number 24: watch 10 Academy Award winning films - Finding 10 award winning films that I haven't already seen is actually a lot more difficult that I anticipated; if anyone has a favorite please share it!

At this point I think I'm able to predict which items will be the most difficult to mark off.
Number 2: visit somewhere outside the US - my original plan was Europe next summer for my 25th birthday but that's looking more and more unlikely.
Number 13: reconnect with Theta as an alum - not living in a big city with a large young alumni population makes this one pretty much impossible.
Number 47: have $20,000 in savings - I was doing so so well on this one and was actually ahead of track to reach it, but new exciting life changes mean I'm soon not going to be able to devote as much to savings.

So what items do I predict I'll be checking off next?
Number 1: visit 3 new states (at least making progress on it)
Number 31: share my blog with friends
Number 43: have a job I love
Number 44: move out of my parents house
Stay tuned for more on these in the next few weeks because they'll be being checked off rather quickly!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Fishing is in my blood. Not only have I spent the majority of my life on our Mississippi Gulf Coast, but I also come from a long line of distinguished anglers, three of whom hold Mississippi State Fishing Records. I grew up around old fish tales and convinced every fish dinner my mom prepared was from a fish I had caught. I could cast my own rod before I knew how to ride a bike and knew the difference between port and starboard before left or right. Some children have to endure long car rides before being able to enjoy a vacation; I simply had to endure the walk to the dock and climb into the boat.

Sometime in my early teen years I took this for granted. Call it teenage rebellion or simple jealousy that I’d never hooked the “big one”, but I simply wanted no part of fishing. Every time my dad asked if I wanted to come along on the boat I’d make up an excuse. It was too early. I had too much homework. It was too hot. Any reason I could think of to do something different seemed like a good reason to skip a trip. I grew up, moved away for college, and never thought I’d miss the fishing. I never thought I’d miss that bright orange life jacket or the slight layer of dirt that always seems to coat your body after being on the water all day. But after a few months away I realized I did miss it, or more accurately I missed being on the water. I missed the way the sun reflected off the water and how saltwater just seemed to smell like home. I missed the sense of peace that can only be found sitting in the middle of a body of water with nothing but nature and your thoughts to distract you. I missed the feeling of community you get when stopping to grab bait and hearing tales of what was biting where the day before or proudly displaying your day’s catch back at the dock.

Saltwater is in my veins no matter how much I try to deny it. I am a child of the Coast and always will be no matter where life takes me. Now when I go fishing I’m not so much hoping to hook the biggest one as I’ve accepted the fishing gene is one I simply did not get. I’m going fishing instead to enjoy and appreciate this place that I’m so lucky to call mine.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Kendra Scott Mirror Mirror Collection + Giveaway

Kendra Scott introduced her new winter 2015 collection last week. With a name like Mirror Mirror, a tribute to my favorite fictional character of all time, you know I was anxiously awaiting the debut. I don't know that I'd call this collection my favorite, but I am really digging the new darker neutral hues. It really shows that dark doesn't have to mean dull. I've linked a few of my favorites from the new Mirror Mirror collection below.

I think my favorite piece is probably that last bracelet. It comes in a few different color/metal combinations so I totally wouldn't judge if you ordered more than one.

And now for the reason I'm sure half of you probably clicked on this post, a Kendra Scott Giveaway! If you follow me on twitter or instagram or snapchat (username: hill_goodfellow) you already know the background on these earrings so I won't rehash it here. But long story short I'm giving away a pair of Kendra Scott Kay Stud earrings in Abalone Shell. I have these exact earrings and am so in love with them; I know you will be too! Enter using the Rafflecopter below so I can send them to someone who'll love them as much as I love my pair.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

the story of my high school prom

Let's flash back to Spring of 2009. It's my senior year of high school, and I'm loving life. I'm all set to head to Ole Miss in a few months. I'm doing great in all my classes, enjoying all my clubs. I was just named to the Hall of Fame. Basically life is great.

So when the date of prom is announced everyone starts worrying about who they'll go with, because nobody wants to go alone. Except for me. Yes, you read that right I wanted to go to my Senior Prom alone. What's even weirder about this is that it's not like I'd been to a bunch of proms before and just wanted to do my own thing at this last one. I had never been to a prom before. (I didn't want to go Junior year because I had just moved to the school and didn't know anyone, and my father wouldn't let me go to either of the two separate proms I was asked to sophomore year, and yes, I am still bitter about that)

So I convince a couple of other girlfriends who don't have boyfriends that we should just go together. Don't worry about finding dates. Let's just go and have a good time and celebrate this last time we'll all be together. So my mom books the limo and we all agree that we'll stay at my house that night. Everyone carefully picks out dresses making sure nobody will clash.

It would have been absolutely perfect if only *John hadn't decided to ask me to go as his date. Now John was perfectly nice. We had a few classes together, he was smart and nice, and the type of guy that wouldn't have my parents up worried until I came home. Really he would have been the perfect date, except I didn't want a date. So standing there in the middle of the Urban Outfitters where he asked I told him no. Was it incredibly awkward for the next 2 days of the class trip we were on? Yes. Do I regret my decision? No.

So what does this have to do with anything in life? Well it's a good lesson that sometimes you have to put yourself first even if it means breaking the heart of a very nice high school classmate.

*name has been changed to protect the innocent

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Operation Skinny Minny

Raise your hand if you've been eating healthy lately? Oh, no hands? Not surprised. Maybe it's the knowledge that I have months until I'll be in a bathing suit again, but lately I've been eating like there's no tomorrow. Honestly this post has been sitting in my drafts folder for about a month if that tells you anything about my attitude towards eating healthy right now. But I've decided it's time to change. I saw a quote on Pinterest that said "bikini bodies are made when the temperatures drop" and that's so true. If you're being realistic it's obvious that you can't just start to eat right the middle of May and have a perfect body by summer after months of eating crap. So while this is sweater weather I'm also deeming it #OperationSkinnyMinny time.

The hardest part of eating healthy for me is getting over the idea of "dieting." I've never been skinny so I guess you could say I have a bad relationship with food and body image in general, but for some reason "dieting" just turns me off. Maybe it's because I feel like it's a personal choice, but I feel so awkward when people make any comments about it, even if they're being positive. When I first became president of my sorority we had fried chicken one day at lunch and instead I got a salad instead. One of the older girls saw and made a big deal asking if I was dieting because I felt like I needed to be skinny to be a good president. Now I'm weird and don't really like food on a bone so that salad was the only thing being served that I liked, it wasn't me consciously making the healthy choice. She was trying to be nice and tell me I was fine the way I was, but it just made me feel so awkward. So awkward that for the next week I didn't go near the salad bar and ate every meal being served by our kitchen no matter if I liked it or not. I say all that to show that "diet" food is not a solution for me. I have to find other ways to eat healthy that don't involve some fad meal plan.

easy ways to eat healthy without dieting

I've come up with my top 3 ways to eat healthy without going on a diet.

1. Cut fast food out of your budget - I feel like the last time I really ate healthy was in June when I did my no spend month. I wasn't allowing myself to stop and grab a Whataburger patty melt after running errands or stop for my beloved strawberry frosted Dunkin Donut on the way into work. If it's not in your budget you won't eat it, plan and simple.

2. Have a realistic goal - In my opinion this is the hardest part. We all want to drop 10 pounds in a week or get back to that same weight we were senior year of high school, but honestly that's not realistic. When I first started this post my goal was to drop a dress size by January so I could justify buying a new dress for Mardi Gras ball season. But since then plans have changed and I'm not going to need a dress after all. So now my goal is to be the weight on my driver's license by my birthday in July. It's less than 5 pounds a month which seems doable if I'm diligent about keeping off what I lose.

3. Make simple changes - Unless you have the best will power in the entire world there is no way you're going to be able to cut out all your unhealthy favorite foods. Finding little things to switch out and really looking at what I enjoy eating most verse what I'm just eating to eat is important. A good example is Chick-fil-A; I love their spicy chicken sandwich but honestly am not a big fan of the fries, so instead I'll order the fruit cup and be just as happy while saving a ton of calories. Another example is guacamole, if I'm at home eating it as a snack I'll substitute raw veggies (sliced cucumbers are my favorite) for chips. I'm really eating it for the dip; I could care less about what I'm dipping into it to eat.

What are you're favorite tips to eating healthy?

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Friday, October 9, 2015

booties booties booties rocking everywhere

Yeah I know I'm probably the tenth blogger to use that title this fall, but I just couldn't help myself. Mississippi finally got the message and it's starting to feel like fall around here. It happened seemingly overnight but one morning I woke up went out the door for work and had to double back to grab a sweater. Weather wise fall is probably my favorite season. We don't get any color changing leaves here, but we do get a fresh crispness in the air that is so appreciated after months of temps in the high 90s.

Last year I first really got into the booties trend and this year it's no different. At one point I hated booties because I thought they'd make me look shorter than I already am, but I think they're the perfect fall shoe to pair with dresses. If only I had a need for all these in my fall wardrobe.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

PS: If you forgot to order your bean boots in August and don't want to wait until January, that pair in the middle are a great similar choice

This post may contain affiliate links. When you click on one of these links I will receive a small payment in exchange for sending you to a website where the product can be purchased. If you prefer not to click on a link for this reason and still want to know more about a product please feel free to email me. All opinions are my own. 

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Friday, October 2, 2015

fall playlist

Y'all this week. I felt like I was drowning in things to get done since it started. Anyone else have one of those weeks? I 100% deserve the bottle glass of wine I'm drinking tonight. I missed posting Wednesday because honestly I was just too busy to get anything up. And today's post isn't much, but it is something. And I majorly slacked off on my Instagram postings, something I only do when I'm really swamped. Honestly I think it was about 2pm yesterday before I even checked my email for the day. But I got everything accomplished and actually got some really great exciting news that I'll be sharing soon! So maybe being a terrible blogger paid off in other areas of my life.

Anyway today I'm sharing my fall playlist. These are the songs that have been powering me through my to-do list this week. So grab a PSL and enjoy these songs all season, or at least until it's socially acceptable to transition to Christmas songs 

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