Friday, October 23, 2015

50 in 500 update

I have a little over 9 months left to complete the items on my 50 in 500 list, and honestly I thought I'd have more items checked off by now. You can always follow along with my progress through that little tab at the top; as I complete something I cross it out and leave a date. But today I wanted to highlight a few of the things I've accomplished and a share the next few things I'm going to focus on in the next couple of months. I'm probably do one more update before my 500 days are over in July.

So far I've completed 14 items totally with progress on an additional two. Checking anything off is exciting but a few items have been especially exciting to get to mark off
Number 8: own a real piece of art - I've lusted after Evelyn Henson's artwork for months and was so thrilled when I won a gift card to finally purchase one of her adorable elephant canvases. Elephants are smart and luck ( I don't really know why, but I remember hearing that when I was young and I've believed it since) plus they're my second favorite animal so being able to have this orignial piece on my wall is a real treat.
Number 32: write a sponsored post - writing a sponsored post was a big blogging goal of mine for this year and being approached by a brand I love made it even better. I was so happy to have the opportunity to share about Wrenn Jewelry in a creative way while checking something off my list.

There were a few items I'm actually surprised I haven't checked off yet that I thought I would have done by now. I guess these all just seemed like such simple ones I didn't make them a priority.
Number 6: join a book club
Number 18: better organize my Pinterest boards
Number 28: donate my hair.

I also thought I would have made more progress on a couple items
Number 1: visit 3 new states - As I've mentioned before I had a couple of potential trips planned for this past summer that fell through but would have taken me to these 3 new states.
Number 24: watch 10 Academy Award winning films - Finding 10 award winning films that I haven't already seen is actually a lot more difficult that I anticipated; if anyone has a favorite please share it!

At this point I think I'm able to predict which items will be the most difficult to mark off.
Number 2: visit somewhere outside the US - my original plan was Europe next summer for my 25th birthday but that's looking more and more unlikely.
Number 13: reconnect with Theta as an alum - not living in a big city with a large young alumni population makes this one pretty much impossible.
Number 47: have $20,000 in savings - I was doing so so well on this one and was actually ahead of track to reach it, but new exciting life changes mean I'm soon not going to be able to devote as much to savings.

So what items do I predict I'll be checking off next?
Number 1: visit 3 new states (at least making progress on it)
Number 31: share my blog with friends
Number 43: have a job I love
Number 44: move out of my parents house
Stay tuned for more on these in the next few weeks because they'll be being checked off rather quickly!

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  1. Sharing your blog with friends or IRL people in general is a big step!!

  2. It's hard to share your blog with friends! I'm not completely open with mine either, which is interesting because it's such a huge part of my life. lol

  3. Sharing my blog with friends is something that I have yet to do as well (among lots of other things on your list too). Very few people know I have my blog and I kind of like it that way yet I don't feel 100% honest regarding that aspect of my life....if that makes any sense!


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