Friday, October 9, 2015

booties booties booties rocking everywhere

Yeah I know I'm probably the tenth blogger to use that title this fall, but I just couldn't help myself. Mississippi finally got the message and it's starting to feel like fall around here. It happened seemingly overnight but one morning I woke up went out the door for work and had to double back to grab a sweater. Weather wise fall is probably my favorite season. We don't get any color changing leaves here, but we do get a fresh crispness in the air that is so appreciated after months of temps in the high 90s.

Last year I first really got into the booties trend and this year it's no different. At one point I hated booties because I thought they'd make me look shorter than I already am, but I think they're the perfect fall shoe to pair with dresses. If only I had a need for all these in my fall wardrobe.

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PS: If you forgot to order your bean boots in August and don't want to wait until January, that pair in the middle are a great similar choice

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