Monday, October 26, 2015

fall shopping round up

I know I already did a shopping post this month, but I'm really loving all the fall fashions out right now so I decided it'd be okay to do a second. I promise I'm not turning into a fashion blogger, mostly because I have nobody to take photos of me.

Today I thought it'd be fun to do a bit of a fall shopping roundup. I feel like with so many bloggers posting links to different products on Twitter or Instagram or directly on blogs it's so difficult to know what's actually cute and what's just trying to post for the clicks. I actually own each of these items below and they're products that I'd recommend to my sisters or girl friends so you know I like them.

Dress - This is hands down my favorite dress I've bought this year. I was really torn about if I should order it or not because I was worried the cream colored background wouldn't work in fall, but Koryn of Pick Your Beau talked me into it and I'm so glad she did. I've worn it with brown booties so far and I know it'll work with tights and tall boots as it gets colder.
Hat - Y'all come on, how could I pass up a hat with a giant pom pom? This is just so fun and I can't wait to wear it all winter! It also comes in a couple of other color combinations, but I really liked these classic colors.
Sunglasses - I bought $350 sunglasses. LOL JK, I did not hit the jackpot playing at the casino last week. I actually bought $6 sunglasses which is my ideal price. Once again I own major thanks to Koryn for letting me know these Prada dupes exist in my price range.
Earrings - Okay so I guess I technically bought these in the summer, but the USPS look forever to deliver them so I'm counting them as a fall purchase. I've wanted something in the abalone shell from Kendra Scott since I first went on her website, but was always too nervous because each piece is unique. I'm so so happy I finally was brave enough to order these because I'm seriously in love. Also don't forget I'm giving a pair of these away!
Socks - A friend recently introduced me to SmartWool and I seriously don't know how I've lived my entire life without these. They make a variety of socks in different thicknesses and levels of support so you can really find the perfect pair for your needs. I ordered these margarita socks (because duh) plus 5 more pairs.
Boots - I actually order two pairs of boots this fall, these snow boots plus Bean Boots. The Bean Boots I ordered are actually not back ordered in a few sizes, but they're not your classic looking Bean Boot so I know some people might not be into them. I can't wait for snow so I can wear these all the time. I was really worried they'd be too heavy and I'd feel like Big Foot, but they're actually really normal feeling.
Sweater - You know I love a good leopard print. This sweater is so fun yet classic yet contemporary if that's possible. It's also really soft and cozy. I would recommend going up a size though so you get a slightly more oversized/longer look because it is junior sizing.

What have you bought and loved this fall? Any early winter purchases you're dying to use?

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Sorel Boots. I just ordered a pair for myself last week. They are gorgeous!

  2. Loving that leopard print sweater. I have a few tops with leopard print as well.

  3. LOL'd at your "mostly because I have nobody to take photos of me." comment. NOW WE CAN DO PHOTOS SHOOTS TOGETHER! Also, super jealous of your winter finds, especially your Sorel's. I got a pair of Sperry Bean Boots but REALLLY want a pair of cute Sorel's with fur. They just look so warm!


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