Monday, October 12, 2015

Operation Skinny Minny

Raise your hand if you've been eating healthy lately? Oh, no hands? Not surprised. Maybe it's the knowledge that I have months until I'll be in a bathing suit again, but lately I've been eating like there's no tomorrow. Honestly this post has been sitting in my drafts folder for about a month if that tells you anything about my attitude towards eating healthy right now. But I've decided it's time to change. I saw a quote on Pinterest that said "bikini bodies are made when the temperatures drop" and that's so true. If you're being realistic it's obvious that you can't just start to eat right the middle of May and have a perfect body by summer after months of eating crap. So while this is sweater weather I'm also deeming it #OperationSkinnyMinny time.

The hardest part of eating healthy for me is getting over the idea of "dieting." I've never been skinny so I guess you could say I have a bad relationship with food and body image in general, but for some reason "dieting" just turns me off. Maybe it's because I feel like it's a personal choice, but I feel so awkward when people make any comments about it, even if they're being positive. When I first became president of my sorority we had fried chicken one day at lunch and instead I got a salad instead. One of the older girls saw and made a big deal asking if I was dieting because I felt like I needed to be skinny to be a good president. Now I'm weird and don't really like food on a bone so that salad was the only thing being served that I liked, it wasn't me consciously making the healthy choice. She was trying to be nice and tell me I was fine the way I was, but it just made me feel so awkward. So awkward that for the next week I didn't go near the salad bar and ate every meal being served by our kitchen no matter if I liked it or not. I say all that to show that "diet" food is not a solution for me. I have to find other ways to eat healthy that don't involve some fad meal plan.

easy ways to eat healthy without dieting

I've come up with my top 3 ways to eat healthy without going on a diet.

1. Cut fast food out of your budget - I feel like the last time I really ate healthy was in June when I did my no spend month. I wasn't allowing myself to stop and grab a Whataburger patty melt after running errands or stop for my beloved strawberry frosted Dunkin Donut on the way into work. If it's not in your budget you won't eat it, plan and simple.

2. Have a realistic goal - In my opinion this is the hardest part. We all want to drop 10 pounds in a week or get back to that same weight we were senior year of high school, but honestly that's not realistic. When I first started this post my goal was to drop a dress size by January so I could justify buying a new dress for Mardi Gras ball season. But since then plans have changed and I'm not going to need a dress after all. So now my goal is to be the weight on my driver's license by my birthday in July. It's less than 5 pounds a month which seems doable if I'm diligent about keeping off what I lose.

3. Make simple changes - Unless you have the best will power in the entire world there is no way you're going to be able to cut out all your unhealthy favorite foods. Finding little things to switch out and really looking at what I enjoy eating most verse what I'm just eating to eat is important. A good example is Chick-fil-A; I love their spicy chicken sandwich but honestly am not a big fan of the fries, so instead I'll order the fruit cup and be just as happy while saving a ton of calories. Another example is guacamole, if I'm at home eating it as a snack I'll substitute raw veggies (sliced cucumbers are my favorite) for chips. I'm really eating it for the dip; I could care less about what I'm dipping into it to eat.

What are you're favorite tips to eating healthy?

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  1. Love this! I've been working out a lot but I really need to clean up my eating. Setting a realistic goal is definitely doable.

  2. I've been eating a lot 'cleaner' lately, due to my husband's goal of losing weight. And I've just setup an appt with my doctor to get a complete physical & bloodwork done. I want to start the next steps of increasing my exercise regimen!

    ~ Kim Pincombe Cole

  3. I'm very careful about the nutritional value of the food I give the little ones to eat, so lately I've been asking myself when tempted to eat unhealthy food - would you give this to the little ones?

  4. I think it's really important to stock your kitchen/pantry with healthy foods and easy to grab snacks and toss out the junk food. It's much easier to avoid bad choices if they aren't sitting right there in your kitchen. I find having healthy snacks ready to go helps me to make sure I stay on track everyday.


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