Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Fishing is in my blood. Not only have I spent the majority of my life on our Mississippi Gulf Coast, but I also come from a long line of distinguished anglers, three of whom hold Mississippi State Fishing Records. I grew up around old fish tales and convinced every fish dinner my mom prepared was from a fish I had caught. I could cast my own rod before I knew how to ride a bike and knew the difference between port and starboard before left or right. Some children have to endure long car rides before being able to enjoy a vacation; I simply had to endure the walk to the dock and climb into the boat.

Sometime in my early teen years I took this for granted. Call it teenage rebellion or simple jealousy that I’d never hooked the “big one”, but I simply wanted no part of fishing. Every time my dad asked if I wanted to come along on the boat I’d make up an excuse. It was too early. I had too much homework. It was too hot. Any reason I could think of to do something different seemed like a good reason to skip a trip. I grew up, moved away for college, and never thought I’d miss the fishing. I never thought I’d miss that bright orange life jacket or the slight layer of dirt that always seems to coat your body after being on the water all day. But after a few months away I realized I did miss it, or more accurately I missed being on the water. I missed the way the sun reflected off the water and how saltwater just seemed to smell like home. I missed the sense of peace that can only be found sitting in the middle of a body of water with nothing but nature and your thoughts to distract you. I missed the feeling of community you get when stopping to grab bait and hearing tales of what was biting where the day before or proudly displaying your day’s catch back at the dock.

Saltwater is in my veins no matter how much I try to deny it. I am a child of the Coast and always will be no matter where life takes me. Now when I go fishing I’m not so much hoping to hook the biggest one as I’ve accepted the fishing gene is one I simply did not get. I’m going fishing instead to enjoy and appreciate this place that I’m so lucky to call mine.

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  1. So jealous of you growing up in the shore! My family camped a lot growing up, so I was fortunate enough to do a little fishing & boating along the Great Lakes. My fave memories!!
    ~ Kim Pincombe Cole


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