Wednesday, October 14, 2015

the story of my high school prom

Let's flash back to Spring of 2009. It's my senior year of high school, and I'm loving life. I'm all set to head to Ole Miss in a few months. I'm doing great in all my classes, enjoying all my clubs. I was just named to the Hall of Fame. Basically life is great.

So when the date of prom is announced everyone starts worrying about who they'll go with, because nobody wants to go alone. Except for me. Yes, you read that right I wanted to go to my Senior Prom alone. What's even weirder about this is that it's not like I'd been to a bunch of proms before and just wanted to do my own thing at this last one. I had never been to a prom before. (I didn't want to go Junior year because I had just moved to the school and didn't know anyone, and my father wouldn't let me go to either of the two separate proms I was asked to sophomore year, and yes, I am still bitter about that)

So I convince a couple of other girlfriends who don't have boyfriends that we should just go together. Don't worry about finding dates. Let's just go and have a good time and celebrate this last time we'll all be together. So my mom books the limo and we all agree that we'll stay at my house that night. Everyone carefully picks out dresses making sure nobody will clash.

It would have been absolutely perfect if only *John hadn't decided to ask me to go as his date. Now John was perfectly nice. We had a few classes together, he was smart and nice, and the type of guy that wouldn't have my parents up worried until I came home. Really he would have been the perfect date, except I didn't want a date. So standing there in the middle of the Urban Outfitters where he asked I told him no. Was it incredibly awkward for the next 2 days of the class trip we were on? Yes. Do I regret my decision? No.

So what does this have to do with anything in life? Well it's a good lesson that sometimes you have to put yourself first even if it means breaking the heart of a very nice high school classmate.

*name has been changed to protect the innocent

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