Monday, November 16, 2015

Gift Guide : Hostess

I'm a little ashamed that Thanksgiving is still over a week away and I'm already doing a gift guide, but my original post idea didn't work out so here we are. I've titled this gift guide for the hostess, but these are also great gifts for someone who has just moved into a new place like me.

Those coasters are number one on my wish list. I've been in love since the first time I saw them. They come in a bunch of colors so you'll be able to find something to fit the rest of your decor. A Gray Malin would be the ultimate gift. These pieces aren't cheap, but truly make a statement. If I remember correctly he had a good Black Friday sale last year on his website, so if you want one of these beauties keep your eye on the website.

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  1. All of these gifts are so cute! Great picks!

  2. gifts are to attractive i got ideas for gifting to someone

  3. awesome gift collection the person got surprised to whom you gift this


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