Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Out West Wednesday : Signs I'm becoming a local

I made my big move out to Colorado about 2 and a half months ago, but honestly it feels like I've lived here much longer than that. I never thought I'd be able to adjust to some place so different so quickly. I've always been a very adaptable, go with the flow type of person though so really I shouldn't be that surprised. This is really starting to feel like home and with each day I feel more and more like a local. How do I know? Well these 7 signs are pretty good indicator.

1. I don't cry when the temperature drops down to the teens, only below zero
2. Climbing a flight of stairs doesn't make me lose my breath from the altitude
3. I get excited for a pow day
4. I actually call it a pow day
5. I'm greeted by name at my local liquor store
6. When someone asks where I'm from my first response is "I've lived here since November"
7. I never want to move out of the Valley

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