Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Out West Wednesday: 4 things your wardrobe needs for a ski town

I've lived in a ski town for a little over 4 months. This is the longest I've ever gone wearing a jacket in my life. My family back home in Mississippi spent Christmas in shorts if that tells you anything about the weather that I'm accustomed to living with. One of the biggest adjustments I've had in moving here has been learning how to dress for this new weather. I've narrowed it down to 4 things your wardrobe needs for a ski town.

1. Boots - These are the number one thing I'm thankful I invested in before moving out here. Riding boots are cute, but they have zero traction. Unless you enjoy slipping on the hidden ice you'll need a pair of snow boots. I lucked out and found these Sorel boots for a steal during the ShopBop sale and I've worn them literally every day this winter.

2. Beanie - I'll admit I went a little overboard buying these when I moved out. I'd never had an excuse to own a beanie and they're relatively inexpensive so I bought about 8. In reality you only need 2, the one you'll wear all the time and a backup. If I were to buy another I'd go with this one from North Face because it's a well known solid brand and cute enough to wear everyday.

3. Coat - Obviously you need a coat to live in a ski town. I bought this bright blue Patagonia down puffer that I love! It's warm and very comfy plus I love that it's different enough that it never gets accidentally taken at the bar. Now that I've decided to stay past the end of this season I'm looking to invest in another non puffer coat similar to this trench coat or a quilted Barbour type one.

4. Under layers - I cannot even stress the importance of layering while living in a ski town. When you live in layers you need to think strategically about them; nothing bulky. My favorite are Under Armour Cold Gear. I wear then under my regular jeans and sweater going to work early in the morning and then can throw them in my bag on the way home later when it's warm. They're what I wear under my ski gear too because they wick away moisture making sure I don't get cold when I sweat from skiing all those bunny slopes. I have probably 3 pairs of leggings that I've worn continuously all winter and they've held their shape and elasticity perfectly.

Don't plan on moving to a ski town, just coming for a vacation? These are still great tips of what to pack. Also, people don't get dressed up here. A couple of cute sweaters/going out tops and skinny jeans or leggings are all you need to get through the weekends. And unless you want to get some serious side eye from the locals leave the furs at home.

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  1. I would add gloves to this list. Unless you like frost bite...hahah!

    I secretly hate that no one dresses up here to go out. I just wanna wear my pretty dress up clothes - not these flannels and sweaters!


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