Monday, May 9, 2016

The top 5 lessons my mother has taught me

I know mother's day was yesterday so technically this post is late, but I didn't want it to get lost in all the mother's day gift guides to I waited to post it. I could have just posted a gift guide myself, but let's me honest those posts are mostly lazy and just for the clicks. I honestly have the best mom in the world so I wanted to share some of her wisdom with you.

1. Consider the Source - Is the person telling you this someone in a place to actually know what they're talking about? Do they have your best interest in mind or their own agenda?

2. Pick your battles - In the scope of life is this even important? Don't go to war over an ant hill, save your engr. for the important things.

3. All you can do is try your best - Nobody can ever expect more than your best. You can never expect more than your best. Give it 100% and you're a winner

4. If you don't want mom to know, don't do it - All moms have a 6th sense they gain while giving birth; they know everything. If you don't want mom to know there's a good possibility what you're doing is shady.

5. Friends come and go, family is forever - You'll have many best friends, but only 1 set of family. I'm very blessed to come from a large family where I know no matter what I have people to go to battle for me for life.

What's the best advice your mom gave you? Or if you're a mom what's the most important advice you hope to give your child.

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