Monday, July 11, 2016

companies I'd love to sponsor me : Part 2

A long time back I wrote a post about 5 companies I'd love to have sponsor me. I feel like sponsored posts in the blog world are becoming more subtle, but they do still exist. While I'm sure I'm a far, far way from getting any of these companies to throw a sponsored opportunity my way, a girl can dream.

1. Southwest - I've got the travel bug bad and would love nothing more than some free airline miles. I mean I'd accept a free flight from anyone, but Southwest is my personal favorite airline. The places I'd most like to cash in my free miles towards would be to go back for an Ole Miss football game, New York, and Las Vegas.

2. BlueMoon - Blue Moon is by far my favorite beer. It just feels like I'm drinking summer time sunshine. I could write posts about how to beat hangovers and what BBQ dishes pair the best. Who says pretty girls don't drink beers.

3. Nordstrom - I know, I know. A blogger who loves Nordstrom? shocking! But in all seriousness I really do shop at Nordstrom more than any other department store. They have great customer service, a large inventory, and always free shipping and returns.

4. The Town of Vail - My love for Vail has already been proclaimed, how cool would it be to get to be sponsored to talk about the place I call home. I'd do it for the measly price of a guaranteed parking spot in the Lionshead parking garage come winter (preferably on level two.)

Who would be your dream sponsor?

PS : check out part 1 here!

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