Friday, July 29, 2016

Hello, I am a blogger

Hello, I am a blogger. Well calling myself a blogger may be a little forward; I'm really just a 20something who enjoys writing a blog. This little lifestyle blog has been my hobby for a little over four years now, something that I never would have predicted when I started. I write about my life, the good the bad, the funny and sad. I try to be authentic and not hold back which is a funny concept when you consider I write this for anyone with Internet access to read.

I am a blogger, and I have about 100 similar photos saved on my phone 

If this is your first time reading, welcome. You're probably here because you actually know me in real life and saw my announcement. So why did I keep my blogging habits a secret for so long from everyone I know in real life? It wasn't because I write scandalous things I don't want anyone to see. Or because I'm embarrassed and worried this would turn into a hate read for people, okay maybe just a little bit. Honestly I thought I'd keep it up for a few months tops and by the time I realized I actually really enjoy coming here to share my thoughts it seemed a little late to suddenly share with everyone. I also just wanted to prove to myself I could create a successful blog. I am so lucky to have so many great people in my life who are supportive of everything I do, and I knew my blog would be no exception. I didn't just want people to read my blog because they knew me and liked me; I wanted people to read because they liked what I wrote.

So here I am four years later saying, yes I can manage a successful blog. People follow along because they like what they read, not just because they know me. And now that I've proved that to myself I'm excited to share this space that I pour so much of myself into with everyone I know. I'm excited to see where this new support will take me. Just know I appreciate you no matter if this is the first and last time you'll ever read, or if you decide to come along for the ride and read every post.

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