Monday, August 22, 2016

5 reasons I'm not shopping the Lilly sale

The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is upon us once again. I've been a big fan since it was formally named the Endless Summer Sale and then the New Year New Cheer Sale in January. But for the first time I didn't set my alarm to wake up early and shop it. I didn't log into my account last night and double check all my information was current. I didn't read all the shopping tips blog posts or emails plotting my strategy. For the first time in forever I'm essentially ignoring it. So why am I not as enthused as every other 25 year old female about this? It certainly isn't because I no longer love Lilly; I've been a forever fan since I first saw her perfectly cheerful prints on the mannequins at the depart stores as a small child. These are the 5 reasons I'm not shopping the Lilly sale this time.

1. I just shopped the Nordstrom sale - Y'all the Nordstrom sale ended like a week ago, and I know I'm not the only one who went a little crazy with the discounted prices. I haven't even taken all my purchase out of their boxes, the last thing I need to do is shop another sale.

2. I live in Colorado and that clothes is honestly impractical - It already feels like fall here, so I really do not need more summery items. I'm literally sitting here in a sweater as I write this, I do not need to purchase a sundress. As much as I love Lilly absolutely none of it fits into the category of items your wardrobe needs in a ski town.

3. I still have items from the Lilly at Target collaboration I haven't used - Yes, the sale that occurred in April of 2015. Now granted most of those unused purchases came from the home section and I bought them knowing I wouldn't use them for a while. But I do have one dress that I love and have only worn twice.

4. I have two trips coming up - Yes you can travel for cheap, but I'd rather have a good time on my vacations and not think about staying within a tight budget. Given the choice between a bright printed dress or a dessert at a fun restaurant I'll probably never get to visit again, I'm choosing the food every time.

5. I need to save in general - I've recently decided I really want to put a focus on saving money and growing my savings account in the next few years. I've had to remind myself of my motivations to save money especially during this sale.

All that being said, I don't think there is anything wrong with shopping these Lilly sales, especially if you find an item you've been lusting after. The only item I would have easily allowed myself to purchase was a tote bag to replace the one I use daily that I bought in the sale a few years back, but none of the ones left are really what I'm looking for as a replacement. Those Riley loop scarves and coasters are very tempting though!

Did you shop the sale, what'd you purchase?

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  1. I'm so glad you shared this because I definitely felt like the only one not crazy about this years sale! For the first time in years I knew exactly when it started and I didn't really care about setting an alarm, waited in the queue the morning of (for over an hour) and then just wasn't crazy about 95% of the items. Plus I went way too hard in the nsale last month, so nothing really seemed worth the money right now.

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